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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door move
Ms. Mowz using Tease on a Paratroopa and a Koopa in Hooktail Castle
Mastered by Ms. Mowz
Rank Super Rank
FP cost 3
Effect Ms. Mowz attempts to daze all enemies
Target All enemies
Action Command Tier NICE

Tease is a move that can be performed by Ms. Mowz in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door at the cost 3 FP upon reaching Super Rank. It involves Ms. Mowz and three clones of herself jumping around, attempting to daze the enemies based on the individual enemies' resistance and the Action Command success. To execute the Action Command the player must hold A Button to fill up the gauge, but if it overfills, it will begin to empty out of control. If at the end of the timer, the gauge is filled past two thirds, the odds of inflicting the status will equal to the enemy' susceptibility, and if the gauge is filled for less than two thirds the chance of inflicting dizziness will be decreased.

The player can input A Button as Ms. Mowz lands a backflips after finishing the move to perform a Stylish move. Furthermore in the Japanese version, the stylish has a increased Star Power modifier.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まどわせ~る
From「まどわせる」(madowaseru, to trick). The symbol ~ denotes a playful attitude and emphasis and is common place, particularly in entertainment media (e.g. manga, video games and anime).
French Chassé croisé Lit. "Comings and goings". An expression usually used to describe a situation of two people looking for each other without meeting.
German Schwindling From "schwindlig" meaning dizzy and the suffix -ling.
Italian SqUiTsQUit "Squeak Squeak" written in alternate caps to indicate dizziness.
Spanish (NOE) Confusión[1] Confusion