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PMTTYD Ratooey Businessman Sprite.png
The Ratooey Businessman
Species Ratooey
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
“I'm traveling on business, so everything goes on the expense account! Yes!”
Businessman, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The Businessman is a Ratooey found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He first appears in the Excess Express, happy that he can charge everything to his business account, as he is riding the train for business reasons. Comically, he appears to abuse this privilege. On the voyage's second day, he lost his briefcase, which contained early plans for his company's latest invention, Nitro Honey Syrup. He gets it back when Mario finds Zip Toad and exposes him as a fake (although his true identity, Doopliss, isn't actually revealed until after the Businessman gets his suitcase back).

Later on, the Businessman appears in Glitzville, selling Hot Sauce for ten coins. Before Mario can purchase his goods, the plumber has to complete the Ratooey's Trouble Center request.

For unknown reasons, the Businessman has a love of chairs that border on outright fanaticism. In fact, his Trouble consists of Mario needing to tell him how many chairs are in certain houses spread out across the world, such as Don Pianta's office and Flurrie's House. The reason for this is because he forgot the security code needed to open his briefcase and the code consists of the numbers of chairs in four houses.

In the "Rogueport Today" section of "RDM Issue 6", which Mario can read using his Mailbox SP, it is stated that the Businessman was taken into custody by port authorities for trying to board the Cheep-Cheep Blimp with large quantities of Hot Sauce (the report refers to it as a "volatile red liquid" and a "spicy condiment"). After being released, the Businessman advertised his company's product with the statement: "Buy our new Hot Sauce, folks!"

Tattle information[edit]

  • He's a Ratooey businessman. He's on the Excess Express for business, obviously. I bet he's putting everything on an expense account, huh? Is that a fringe benefit?
  • That's the Ratooey businessman who was on the Excess Express. He's still trying to put everything on his expense account. SKETCHY!
  • That's the business Ratooey who was on the train with us. I don't know what, but I just feel like crying when I think of the lives of businessmen.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サラリーマン
Office worker; the word 「サラリーマン」 (salaryman) is a typical example on wasei-eigo (Japanese term formed by English words).
Italian Impiegato Employee