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“Honh honh? Mademoiselle! Well! You could not forget me after all, oh? Such burning persistence. Thees eez why I adore you, ah, cheri. My love. When my mind turns to you, I feel the moths of love flutter een my belly button.”
Dupree, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Sprite of Dupree from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Dupree in Petalburg PMTTYD.png

Dupree is a blue, disco-diva wannabe Doogan who speaks with a French accent and sports a pink afro. It is never revealed whether his accent is real, or if Dupree is faking it to flirt with the ladies, all of whom dislike him, especially Goombella. He appears often in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door; Goombella even says she's impressed by how he always seems to know where Mario and company are going to be, and how he always gets there ahead of them.

Dupree first appears in Petalburg, where he unsuccessfully tries to form a romantic relationship with Goombella. He is next seen in Boggly Woods, claiming he came to warn Mario and Goombella about the imminent arrival of the Shadow Sirens, although he appears after the Shadow Sirens are defeated. Goombella believes him to be following her around and is disgusted; when Mario tells her he doesn't think this is why Dupree keeps showing up (perhaps in a bid to calm her down), Goombella is insulted. In Glitzville, Dupree hangs around in the bar. In Twilight Town he gets turned into a pig like most of the city citizens, and the shopkeeper thinks he is her husband. Then, when Dupree turns back into his original self, he gets accused of flirting with the shopkeeper and a huge altercation ensues. Later, he appears in the Hotel in Poshley Heights before the Garnet Star is taken. After that, he makes a pass at the Bob-omb owner of Fahr Outpost's Inn, prompting her to throw him out of her Inn and into the snow. After the game is completed, Dupree goes to Keelhaul Key and can be found standing on the dock.


  • (In Petalburg) "...EWWWWWW!!! What's with this guy, huh?!? It grosses me out just being NEAR this weirdo! ...All right, fine, whatever. His name is Dupree. He's this icky guy who tries to sweet-talk everybody. ...There, no more!"
  • (In Boggly Woods) "That's that totally gross guy, Dupree! What the heck is THAT guy doing here? Omigosh! You don't think he followed us here 'cause he's infatuated with me, do you? ...No? Oh, what, like it's not even possible?!? That's kinda insulting, Mario!"
  • (In Glitzville) "Awww, it's that gross guy, Dupree! What's he doing in Glitzville? How annoying! You don't think he thinks he's on an adventure with us... Do you?"
  • (In Twilight Town, unused) "Oh, are you KIDDING me?!? Not THIS goofy guy again! He follows us EVERYWHERE! And how does he know to show up before we get where we're going, anyway?"
  • (In Poshley Heights) "I've had more than enough of this guy... How does he do it? I'm almost impressed now! He moves at lights speed, and he always knows where we'll be! Talk about freaky!"
  • (In Fahr Outpost) "You gotta hand it to this guy... To come out to even this forsaken place... Talk about totally tenacious... This dude is serious."
  • (In Keelhaul Key, after Chapter 8) "I...totally...can't...BELIEVE...it! How's this guy know where we're gonna be all the time? And did he SWIM here or something? Please... Please tell me this is a nightmare..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンパン
Possibly from「ドンパチ」(donpachi, onomatopoeia for the sound of exploding gunpowder), referencing his afro hairstyle
French Belvis Reference to Elvis Presley
German Bellvis Play on Elvis Presley and bellen (bark)
Italian Nando An Italian given name, a diminutive of Ferdinando
Spanish Afro Comes from the afro hairstyle