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The list of implied locations is a list of places that have not physically appeared in the Super Mario franchise, but have been mentioned at least once.

Super Mario franchise locations[edit]

Implied locations that are original to the Super Mario franchise, including places named and modelled after Earth locations, but not actual locations that exist in real life.

Banishment Zone[edit]

The Banishment Zone is a zone mentioned in promotional materials for The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, where Bowser is sent before the events of the cartoon and after The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! However, Bowser escapes from the Banishment Zone and attacks the Mushroom Kingdom again, this time with his Koopalings.


Broadshroom is a place mentioned by Eve during Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She speaks of it when Mario accepts her "Tell that person..." trouble at the Trouble Center. Many famous plays are performed there, of which Eve herself landed a lead role in one. It is named after Broadway in New York City.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブロードキノコ ミュージカル
Burōdokinoko Myūjikaru
Portmanteau of "Broadway Musical" and「茸」(kinoko, "mushroom")

Chinese (simplified) 百老蘑菇音乐剧
Bǎilǎo Mógū Yīnyuèjù
Broadway Mushroom Musical

Chinese (traditional) 百老蘑菇音樂劇
Bǎilǎo Mógū Yīnyuèjù
Broadway Mushroom Musical

French Broad Champi Show
Broad Mushroom Show
German Toadway
Pun on "Toad" and "Broadway"
Italian Funghinbrod-way
Pun on funghi in brodo ("shroom broth") and "Broadway"
Korean 브로드 버섯 뮤지컬
Beulodeu Beoseot Myujikeol
Broad Mushroom Musical

Circuit Break Island[edit]

Circuit Break Island is an island Luigi visits to retrieve the third Marvelous Compass piece on his journey to rescue Princess Eclair. The residents of the island have kart races almost every day, and the winner becomes king or queen of the island for twenty-four hours. The karts race at high speeds and are equipped with missile launchers. The only known kart is The Big Green 01.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese サーキッ島
Pun on "circuit" and「とう」(, the on'yomi reading of "island")

Chinese 賽奇島
Transliteration of the Japanese name +「島」(dǎo, "island")

Dutch Circuiteiland
Circuit Island
French Circuitîle
Circuit Island
German Isla Vanilla
Vanilla Island
Italian Isola Pista
Circuit/Racetrack Island
Korean 서킷 섬
Seokis Seom
Circuit Island

Spanish Nueva Carreronia
Pun on carrera ("race") and likely "Nueva Caledonia", a group of isles near of Australia and New Zealand that belong to France

Count Bleck's World[edit]

Count Bleck's World or Blumiere's World is a world that Count Bleck says he is going to create after destroying all worlds in Super Paper Mario, and live there with his minions, Mimi, Nastasia, O'Chunks and Dimentio happily. Near the end, Dimentio claims that Count Bleck does not mean it and he is actually going to destroy all worlds and not leave a single one, not even his own, but Tippi alerts him he is lying, causing Dimentio to fight Mario.

At the end of the game, Lord Blumiere and Lady Timpani (Count Bleck and Tippi's true forms) go to some other world where they presumably live happily ever after. After Mario and company all return to Flipside, Nastasia is sad Count left and just can't stop crying.

O'Chunks and Mimi tell her that Count Bleck must be alive and in peace. They say that they will even build the world that Count Bleck wanted so much — a world with love and not war.

Crowhall University[edit]

Crowhall University is a college mentioned by one of the crows of Twilight Town in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She states that her son is going to a test prep center and expresses hope that it will get him into a good school such as Crowhall University. This gets her companion interested in saving a college fund for her and her husband Bob's son, Billy.

Dark beyond[edit]

The dark beyond is the place referenced by Grifty in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door to be where the Shadow Queen came from, before she destroyed the Ancient City a thousand years ago.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese やみの世界
Yami no sekai
World of darkness

Dry Dry Kingdom[edit]

Dry Dry Kingdom is an ancient civilization that existed an unknown time ago in Dry Dry Desert; Dry Dry Kingdom is mentioned in Paper Mario by a Dryite living in Dry Dry Outpost, as well as by other characters, though not by name.

Dry Dry Kingdom is evidently a prosperous society ruled by a Nomadimouse named King Mousta. The subjects of King Mousta rose up against him and rebelled against his rule. Wishing to have a society akin to anarchy, they exiled him from Dry Dry Kingdom. King Mousta eventually struck back against his traitorous followers sometime after his impeachment, defeating them with those still loyal to him, thieves and bandits who would later go on to create the town of Dry Dry Outpost.

This war waged by Dry Dry Kingdom's inhabitants and King Mousta may have caused the destruction of Dry Dry Kingdom, or at least contributed to it. Currently, the only remains of Dry Dry Kingdom's existence are Dry Dry Ruins, which is guarded by Moustafa, a possible descendant of King Mousta or his second-in-command, who is a thief boss charged with guarding the ruins.

Eat at Joe's[edit]

The mentioned location "Eat at Joe's" in Mario's Time Machine (MS-DOS)
Eat at Joe's on the time machine.

Eat at Joe's is a location which name is shown in any ending cutscene of the MS-DOS version for Mario's Time Machine. When Mario confronts Bowser, Bowser tries to use his timulator to escape. Eat at Joe's, as well as the Gobi Desert, are the only few comprehensible location names shown on the time machine's display, before Bowser settles on "Paradise" in the year 2000 (in the good ending, the timulator malfunctions and teleports him to the Cretaceous Period instead).

The term "Eat at Joe's", or Joe's Diner, is a common placeholder name for a fictional, small restaurant establishment owned by a hypothetical everyman.

Flipside City Hall[edit]

The Flipside City Hall is a place mentioned in Super Paper Mario at the bottom of a sign before the pipe that lead to the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, which reads, "DANGER! Do not enter! -Flipside City Hall-"

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
French Mairie de Recto
German Rathaus Flipstadt
Italian Centro Civico, Svoltadilà
Community Center, Flipside
Spanish Ayuntamiento de Villacara

Flopside City Hall[edit]

The Flipside City Hall is a place mentioned in Super Paper Mario at the bottom of a sign before the pipe that lead to the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials, which reads, "EXTREME DANGER! Stay out! -Flopside City Hall-"

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
French Mairie de Verso
German Rathaus Flopstadt
Italian Centro Civico, Svoltadiqua
Community Center, Flopside
Spanish Ayuntamiento de Villacruz

Flora Kingdom[edit]

The Flora Kingdom is a civilization referenced in Super Paper Mario. Floro Sapiens are the residents and King Croacus IV is the current king of the kingdom. Though it is not confirmed, the Floro Caverns are likely part of the Flora Kingdom, as many Floro Sapiens are seen there, and it is where King Croacus' room is located. The previous rulers of the Flora Kingdom were King Croacus I, Queen Croacus II and King Croacus III.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナーン王国
Hanān Ōkoku
Floro Sapien Kingdom


Flower-koku (フラワー国), meaning "Flower Nation" or "Flower Country", is an unseen territory only mentioned in the anime movie Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen!, an animated adaptation of the events of Super Mario Bros. Its prince, Haru, owns a Brooch necklace nearly identical to Princess Peach's, and as a result is destined to marry her.

Frankenstein University[edit]

Frankenstein University is a school that is mentioned briefly on the bonus disc from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 The Complete Series DVD set. It is a school that Kooky von Koopa attended and graduated from.


Fungusville is the town where Toad's family lives, although Toad himself does not live there. It is only mentioned in passing by Gramps during The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Escape from Koopatraz".

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Italian Fungosville

Gangster Supply Store[edit]

The Gangster Supply Store is presumably a black market store located in Crime Land that supplies various crime-related goods to criminals. During the events of "The Unzappables", Al Koopone places an order at the Gangster Supply Store for many Unzappable Hats, which he soon receives.

Grimble Forest[edit]

Grimble Forest is a forest Luigi explores on his quest to get the Marvelous Compass during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Behind the forest lays the Rapturous Ruins.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese グーリムの森
Gūrimu no Mori
Forest of Grim

Chinese 格林姆森林
Gélínmǔ Sēnlín
Grim Forest

Dutch Grimwoud
Grim Forest
French Bois Grimm
Grimm Woods; the spelling of "grim" with two Ms could be a reference to the Brothers Grimm
German Sagenwald
Legendary forest
Italian Foresta Gurim
Transliteration of the Japanese name
Korean 구림 숲
Gulim Sup
Grim Forest

Spanish Bosque Cremoso
Creamy Forest

Hatesong Tower[edit]

Hatesong Tower is the final area in Luigi's quest in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Its name is a play on the term "love song." This is where Luigi and his partners fight the Chestnut King (and then Minister Crepe) to save Princess Eclair. Luigi talks about his adventures after Mario comes back with another Crystal Star.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイトソング・タワー
Heitosongu Tawā
Hatesong Tower

Chinese 恨歌塔
Hèngē Tǎ
Hatesong Tower

Dutch Toorntoren
Anger Tower
French Tour Hardrock
Hardrock Tower; possibly a reference to the Hard Rock Cafe of London
German Zornesturm
Wrath Tower
Italian Torre delle Sette Canzoni
Tower of Seven Songs
Korean 헤이트송 타워
Heiteusong Tawo
Hatesong Tower

Spanish Torre del Odio
Hatred's Tower

Hawaii Land[edit]

Hawaii Land is a region named after Hawaii. It is implied to have a very similar climate to Hawaii as well, as Mario dresses up in beach clothes in preparation for a trip to Hawaii Land. However, Toad purposely misleads his friends to the North Pole instead, so that he can receive presents from Santa Claus. Hawaii Land is only mentioned during the events of "Koopa Klaus."

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Italian Ewei, la terra del sole tropicale
Hewaii, the land of the tropical sun

Jazzafrazz Town[edit]

Jazzafrazz Town is a town which Luigi travels to in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is the home of the Dayzees. There, he meets a Dayzee named Hayzee. Hayzee needs Luigi's help in his play for the Jazzafrazz Town Drama Slam. His role in the play is grass. The prize for winning is the Dramalama Plaque, which contains a piece of the Marvelous Compass.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミュージカルタウン
Myūjikaru Taun
Musical Town

Chinese (simplified) 音乐剧镇
Yīnyuè Jù Zhèn
Musical Theater Town

Chinese (traditional) 音樂劇鎮
Yīnyuè Jù Zhèn
Musical Theater Town

Dutch Liederijk
Song Realm
French Musicville
German Sängerstadt
Singer City
Italian Musicopoli
Korean 뮤지컬 타운
Myujikeol Taun
Musical Town

Spanish Ciudad Musical
Musical City

Kong Country School District[edit]

The Kong Country School District is mentioned on page 34 in the 89th issue of Nintendo Power. It is said to be the place where Wrinkly Kong worked at before she retired from teaching and took on aerobics in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!


Koopergarten is the supposed Koopa equivalent of kindergarten. Koopergarten is only ever mentioned in Hip and Hop's biography from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 The Complete Series DVD set. According to the writers bible, the twins flunked Koopergarten.

Last Illusion[edit]

Last Illusion is an implied location in Super Mario RPG for Nintendo Switch. It is mentioned in Culex's Monster List entry as his homeworld, and is described as being a story about crystals. It is an allusion to Final Fantasy. In Western languages, Culex also announces himself with the title of Dark Knight of Vanda; however, it is unknown if Vanda is a location within Culex's world, an order of knights, or the Dark Mage. "Vanda" itself is the name of a genus of orchids.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 最期さいご幻想げんそう
Saigo no Gensō
Last Illusion

Chinese (simplified) 最后的幻想
Zuìhòu de Huànxiǎng
Last Illusion

Chinese (traditional) 最後的幻想
Zuìhòu de Huànxiǎng
Last Illusion

Dutch fantasie eindigt
finished fantasy
French Last Illusion
German Finalen Vorstellungskraft
Imagination Finale
Italian Last Illusion
Korean 최후의 환상
Choehuui Hwansang
Last Illusion

Spanish Last Illusion

Mario Kart 8 Pit[edit]

The Mario Kart 8 Pit is a location where the video series From the Pit takes place with Crew Chief Andrew Trego giving tips and tricks to the players in Mario Kart 8 including characters, shortcuts and techniques.

Mario Kart 8 Testing Facility[edit]

The Mario Kart 8 Testing Facility is a location where all of the American Mario Kart 8 commercials take place and is run by professional experts. Each test includes a gameplay clip of the corresponding element or item that can be used in the game. The six tests are Super Horn, Lightning, Boomerang Flower, Piranha Plant, Crazy Plunge and Upside Down.

Mario Kart Emporium[edit]

Cowboy Jed at the Mario Kart Emporium

The Mario Kart Emporium is a location where all of the American Mario Kart Wii commercials take place. It is owned by Cowboy Jed and is mentioned in all three of the commercials. The Mario Kart Emporium is apparently a car, or rather, kart, dealership where one can buy any character's karts from Mario Kart Wii, no matter what condition they're in ("squidded," blown up, and shrunk are three of the conditions shown).

Mario's Mini Mart[edit]

Mario's Mini Mart is a store mentioned by Wario in Welcome to Greedville. In one of the lines Wario can say while the player is in Wario Mart, he contrasts his store with Mario's Mini Mart and tells the player to hurry up.

Mystical Ninja Elementary[edit]

Mystical Ninja Elementary is a supposed elementary school that the ninja girls Kat & Ana attend. It is mentioned only in the English-localized instruction booklet of WarioWare: Touched! by Kat & Ana, who tell that they will be the stars of the elementary's school play.[1] In the original Japanese version, there is no mention of a particular school.[2] It is possible that it is intended to be Diamond Kindergarten.

North Sea[edit]

The North Sea is the Snowmads' place of origin, according to the British English instruction manual for the Wii U version of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.[3] The American English manual more broadly refers to this place as "the northern seas."[4]

Orchid Valley[edit]

Orchid Valley is a location mentioned in the Donkey Kong Country television series episode "A Thin Line Between Love & Ape". In order to ask the Crystal Coconut on how to make Candy Kong fall in love with him, Bluster Kong distracts Cranky Kong by falsely telling him that Donkey Kong and Candy went to Orchid Valley for a picnic. This worries Cranky and makes him leave his cabin to reach them, as the valley's orchids are very poisonous during that time of the year.


Pastadena is a place that is briefly mentioned by Sam Shalam during the events of "Mario and the Red Baron Koopa". It is presumably a town located within the vicinity of Pastaland, and is named after Pasadena, California. Sam Shalam mentions Pastadena when he tells Mario and Luigi that he recently received a spiffy magic carpet from a little old lady from there, referencing the song "The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena)".

Plumpbelly Village[edit]

Plumpbelly Village is a town on the Strudel Continent, possibly ruled by the Waffle Kingdom. It is the location of one of the pieces of the Marvelous Compass that Luigi retrieves during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

When Luigi arrives, the town is ruled by a two-headed snake named Hizza, who demands regular sacrifices of the village's women. Luigi offers to don a ceremonial chiffon bride's dress and go in place of the mayor's daughter, who is next up. Jerry, the cherry-shaped Bob-omb, horrified by the sight of Luigi in a dress, followed him to try and stop him, but Hizza takes Luigi into his lair. Luigi darts around the cave and makes the snake eat itself, disappearing in a puff of smoke. After Luigi emerges with the Marvelous Compass piece that Hizza was guarding, the mayor offers his daughter's hand in marriage. Luigi considers it, but that night, while staying in the village, he decides against it, convinced that Princess Eclair is his future bride, and sneaks out of the town. Jerry follows Luigi and Blooey, making it his life mission to make sure that Luigi never dresses in drag again.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポッコリ村
Plump Village

Chinese 波可利村
Bōkělì Cūn
Transliteration of the Japanese name +「村」(cūn, "village")

Dutch Zwaardrecht
From Zwaar ("heavy") and -drecht (term once used for towns with river crossings)
French Grosbourg
Large town
German Ofendorf
Furnace village
Italian Villaggio Sazio
Satiated Village
Korean 볼록 마을
Bollog Ma-eul
Convex Village

Spanish Bombópolis
Bomb City

Pudding Continent[edit]

The Pudding Continent is a land only spoken of in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is one of the many lands that Luigi goes to in his quest to save Princess Eclair. It is part of her realm, the Waffle Kingdom.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese プディングたいりく
Pudingu Tairiku
Pudding Continent

Chinese (simplified) 布丁大陆
Bùdīng Dàlù
Pudding Continent

Chinese (traditional) 布丁大陸
Bùdīng Dàlù
Pudding Continent

Dutch Puddingrijk
Pudding Kingdom
French Continent Pudding
Pudding Continent
German Puddingmassiv
Massive Pudding
Italian Continente Budino
Pudding Continent
Korean 푸딩 대륙
Puding Daelyug
Pudding Continent

Spanish Continente Puding
Pudding Continent

Rapturous Ruins[edit]

Rapturous Ruins are some ruins that Luigi goes to during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in his mission, where he meets Cranberry, the last of the Luffs and his partner Screamy.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese テンキューいせき
Tenkyū Iseki
Heaven Ruins

Chinese (simplified) 天球遗迹
Tiānqiú Yíjī
Celestial Sphere Ruins

Chinese (traditional) 天球遺跡
Tiānqiú Yíjī
Celestial Sphere Ruins

Dutch Menhir der Maneschijn
Menhir of Moonshine
French Ruines Célestes
Celestial Ruins
German Kometenpalast
Comet Palace
Italian Rovine delle Grazie
Graces Ruins
Korean 천궁 유적
Cheongung Yujeog
Heavenly Palace Ruins

Spanish Ruinas Celestes
Celestial Ruins

Rosalina's kingdom[edit]

Rosalina's kingdom is only mentioned during Rosalina's Story in Super Mario Galaxy. It is supposedly the kingdom Rosalina lived in before she met Luma and went into space with him in search of his mother. The kingdom appears to have a castle where Rosalina used to live, and a hill with a large tree on it where her late mother is buried.

Rumblebump Volcano[edit]

Rumblebump Volcano is a place Luigi visits in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door to retrieve a Marvelous Compass piece. He tells Mario he met a giant stone-guardian with a weak spot at his head looking like a ruby, and he threw his Blooper friend Blooey at it, which defeated the guardian. When Mario asks Blooey, though, he finds out that Luigi really missed and that Blooey ended up in the magma. It is not known how Luigi managed to defeat the guardian.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴロゴロ火山
Gorogoro Kazan
Rumbling Volcano

Chinese (simplified) 轰隆轰隆火山
Hōnglóng Hōnglóng Huǒshān
Boom Boom Volcano

Chinese (traditional) 轟隆轟隆火山
Hōnglóng Hōnglóng Huǒshān
Boom Boom Volcano

Dutch Donderse Vunkaan
Rumbling Volcano
French Etnacariâtre
Pun on Mount Etna and acariâtre ("sour")
German Fueuerberg
Fiery Mount
Italian Vulcano Gargarismo
Gargle Volcano
Korean 데굴데굴 화산
Degul-degul Hwasan
Rumbling Volcano

Spanish Volcán Ardiente
Burning Volcano

Sky-High Café[edit]

“What am I supposed to do now? Someone already owns the trademark for the Sky-High Café!”
Ruddy Road Café owner, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Sky-High Café is a cafe mentioned by the owner of the Ruddy Road Café after the Shy Guys roll up Ruddy Road at the end of the level. The Toad tells Mario to unroll the ground so he can continue his business. After unrolling the road, the café is not mentioned again for the rest of the game.


Squirpia is a long-forgotten kingdom mentioned in Super Paper Mario, that once existed in Outer Space. It is mentioned in-game that 1,500 years ago, the Tribe of Ancients visited Squirpina XIV, the then-queen of Squirpia, and entrusted her with the Blue Pure Heart. In order to protect the world, Squirpina hid the treasure in the Whoa Zone, an apparently important place to the kingdom, and proceeded to place her young son Squirps inside a hibernation capsule, so that, when the time came, he would be able to guide the heroes to the Pure Heart in order to collect it.

Squirps explains his story to the heroes at the end of Chapter 4; however, he does not make it clear how Squirpia fell, and so the reason is left unknown throughout the rest of the game. Following the defeat of the final boss, the young prince can be found speaking to a statue of his mother in the Whoa Zone, where he declares that he will restore his kingdom someday. He is never shown to accomplish this goal.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマラーン王国
Tamarān Ōkoku
From「タマラ」(Tamara, "Squirps") and「王国」(ōkoku, "kingdom")

French Squirpia
German Klirpia
Derived from Klirps ("Squirps")
Italian Squirpia
Korean 자바란왕국
Jabalan Wang-gug
From "자바랑" (Jabalang, "Squirps") and "왕국" (wang-gug, "kingdom")

Spanish Tinterra
From tinta ("ink") and terra (Latin for "land")

Star Realm[edit]

The Star Realm is an area briefly mentioned in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. It is talked of by the gate in the Star Shrine when he commands Luigi to get the Aurora Block, something which is apparently very sought after (and even celebrated by) by the denizens of this mysterious place.

Sticker Star[edit]

“As their caretaker, it's my duty to find all of them, or else I can't return to the Sticker Star!”
Kersti, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Sticker Star is mentioned to be Kersti's home in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is mentioned numerous times in the game, being the place that the Sticker Comet and Kersti come from. When the Royal Stickers are scattered across the land, Kersti mentions to Mario that she cannot go back to the Sticker Star without the Royal Stickers.

The Sticker Star places a high value on paperization and has an academic system that requires students to learn and study paperization in elementary school.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese シール星
Seal Planet

Chinese (simplified) 贴纸星
Tiēzhǐ Xīng
Sticker Star

Chinese (traditional) 貼紙星
Tiēzhǐ Xīng
Sticker Star

Italian Cometa Sticker
Sticket Comet
Spanish (NOE) Cometa Pegatina
Sticker Comet

Strudel Continent[edit]

The Strudel Continent is a continent mentioned by Luigi in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Luigi visits this continent during his journey to retrieve the pieces of the Marvelous Compass. Here, he goes to Plumpbelly village, ruled by a twoheaded snake named Hizza. Luigi defeats this snake, retrieves the compass piece in the possession of the beast and leaves the continent.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミルフィーユたいりく
Mirufīyu Tairiku
Mille-feuille Continent

Chinese (simplified) 千层派大陆
Qiāncéngpài Dàlù
Mille-feuille Continent

Chinese (traditional) 千層派大陸
Qiāncéngpài Dàlù
Mille-feuille Continent

Dutch Koekjesrijk
Cookie Kingdom
French Continent Millefeuille
Continent Mille-feuille
German Kuchenland
Cake land
Italian Continente Millefoglie
Millefeuille Continent
Korean 밀푀유 대륙
Milpoeyu Daelyug
Mille-feuille Continent

Spanish Continente Hojaldre
Puff Pastry Continent

Toadland Yard[edit]

Toadland Yard is an implied police headquarters given an occasional mentions in Mario Party Advance. Toadland Yard is mentioned in the game's manual and Shroomlock's character list description in-game. These mentions respectively describe Shroomlock as "with" and "of" Toadland Yard, suggesting that he works for the organization. Shroomlock says "It's Shroomlock, from Toadland Yard," whenever a quest features him.

Toadland Yard, in addition to having a namesake in "Toad," is named after Scotland Yard (whose actual name is "New Scotland Yard"), a British police headquarters. Scotland Yard is famous for being included in several fictional crime stories such as those involving the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who happens to be Shroomlock's namesake. (In Sherlock Holmes stories involving Scotland Yard, Holmes, unlike Shroomlock, did not work for the headquarters; instead, he often teamed up or even competed with its operatives.)

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコけいさつ
Kinoko Keisatsu
Mushroom Police

French Toadland Yard


Planet Ualeh is where KKDU, an alien appearing in the Club Nintendo comic "Sag niemals Holerö!", comes from. After invading Earth and being defeated at the end of the story, he goes back to Ualeh. Due to KKDU being based off of Cthulhu, Ualeh is probably a play on R'lyeh, the home of Cthulhu.

Utan island[edit]

Utan island is a location briefly mentioned on Lanky Kong's profile on the German official Donkey Kong 64 website. The profile mentions that Lanky hails from Utan, "where relatives of the Kongs live", but that he left it due to finding its society "too boring and conservative."

"Utan" is also directly from the species of ape "orangutan."

Waffle Kingdom[edit]

Luigi mentioning the Waffle Kingdom

The Waffle Kingdom is a far away land that Luigi visits during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The Waffle Kingdom is ruled by Princess Eclair and her cabinet.

After Mario leaves home to find Princess Peach in the town of Rogueport, Luigi is once again left alone. However, a letter arrives for the Mario Bros., which Luigi can't resist to peek at. The letter was from Minister Crepe, the Minister of the Waffle Kingdom. According to the letter, the lovely Princess Eclair was kidnapped by the Chestnut King and the kingdom needed assistance from the great hero Mario. However, since Mario was not around, Luigi went in his place.

When Luigi arrives in the Waffle Kingdom, he is given a piece of the Marvelous Compass. If Luigi could find all the pieces, he would be able to track down Princess Eclair. After much toil and trouble (and quite a bit of luck), Luigi collects all the pieces and heads to Hatesong Tower to find the princess. However, he actually finds the evil Chestnut King, and the two engage in an epic battle. Ultimately Princess Eclair appears and interrupts the battle. Apparently, the princess and the Chestnut King were lovers but the king was transformed into a monster by Minister Crepe, who was in fact a dark sorcerer. As it turns out, Crepe had orchestrated events so that Luigi would reassemble the Magical Compass for him. Once he had the compass, Crepe would use its power to conquer the Waffle Kingdom, saying the Luff empire will rise again. However, Luigi and his allies defeat the shadowy Crepe. As a result, peace is returned to the Waffle Kingdom.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワッフル王国
Waffuru Ōkoku
Waffle Kingdom

Chinese 鬆餅王國
Sōngbǐng Wángguó
Waffle Kingdom

Dutch Wafelrijk
Waffle Kingdom
French Royaume Gaufre
Waffle Kingdom
German Biskuitkönigreich
Sponge cake kingdom
Italian Regno Bigné
Cream Puff Kingdom
Korean 와플 왕국
Wapeul Wangguk
Waffle Kingdom

Spanish (NOA) Reino Waffle
Waffle Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) Reino Gofre
Waffle Kingdom

Wild Waldo's One-of-a-Kind Amusement Park[edit]

Wild Waldo's One-of-a-Kind Amusement Park is an amusement park that is mentioned in the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode, "Mush-Rumors". The park is supposedly located either in or near Kansas. The mascot of the park is said to be a character named Uncle Waldo. Norman and his family intended on heading there for an outing during the events of "Mush-Rumors", but on their way to the park, Norman accidentally drives through a Warp Pipe hidden in a tunnel, which leads to the Mushroom Kingdom. During their visit, Norman's family mistake the Mushroom Kingdom for the actual amusement park. Later on, Mario and Luigi lead Norman's family back to the Real World, where they continue to drive to the amusement park.

Real locations[edit]

Locations that actually exist on Earth, or that originate in real mythology rather than being original to the Super Mario franchise.

Addis Ababa[edit]

Addis Ababa (Amharic: አዲስ አበባ, Ādīsi Ābeba) is the capital city of Ethiopia. When Luigi travels to Nairobi in Mario is Missing!, he does not know where he is; a businesswoman in the city gives him a hint by saying he is "in the largest city between Addis Ababa and Zanzibar."


Alaska (Inupiaq: Alaasikaq; Russian: Аляска, Alyaska) is one of the fifty states of the United States of America. However, it is a fair distance from the rest of the country, as it borders the northwestern end of Canada. In "Marianne and Luigeena", Marianne tells Luigi that Luigeena went to look for him and Mario, but is yet to return, and decides to go look for her sister. As Marianne leaves, Luigi suggests for her to check Alaska, implying that he wants her to leave for a long time.


The Alps (German: Alpen; French: Alpes; Italian: Alpi; Slovene: Alpe) are a great mountain range in Europe. They are mentioned in the game Mario is Missing! by a citizen of Rome, who says that if Luigi brought Italian shoes from home, they could "climb the Alps for a peek of Rome."

The Swiss Cheese Alps from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Koopenstein" are named after the Alps.

The Bronx[edit]

The Bronx is a borough of New York, United States. It is referenced multiple times in the Super Mario TV series.

It is referenced twice in the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segments. In "Day of the Orphan", while waiting for Edison to make his move in a game of chess, Luigi tries to hurry his friend up by reminding him of a blackout in the Bronx that he should tend. In "Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes", Luigi tries to convince Rowdy Roddy Piper that his reformatted bagpipes are actually a vacuum cleaner manufactured by the fictitious "McBronx Vacuum Company", which he claims is from Scotland. Additionally, in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Recycled Koopa", after turning all the citizens of Brooklyn into Koopa Zombies, King Koopa announces he will soon conquer the Bronx, along with Manhattan and Queens, with his Crud Cannon.

The Bronx is mentioned in the Super Smash Bros. series in reference to the Bronx-native Little Mac.

Mario briefly references the Bronx when walking through Dinohattan for the first time in the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie, where he replies to Luigi's speculation that they ended up in a coma and woke up in Brooklyn of the future that they may have even arrived at "the Bronx of today" in regards to the dystopic locale. The Bronx also gets a brief reference in The Super Mario Bros. Movie during the brothers' Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial when Mario flicks a toy van across a map to show the range of their business from Brooklyn to Queens. The toy van briefly veers off-course towards the Bronx on the map, but Luigi picks it up and readjusts its course.

Brooklyn Public Library[edit]

The Brooklyn Public Library is a large library in Brooklyn that Mario and Luigi used to visit when they lived there. When Mario and his friends venture into King Koopa's giant castle in the episode "Mario and the Beanstalk", Luigi jokingly notes that it is larger than the Brooklyn Public Library. In "Wild Thing", Mario and Luigi have each borrowed a book from the library, which they intend to read over the weekend.

In actuality, the library system of Brooklyn as a whole is known as the Brooklyn Public Library, rather than any one single library going by that name.


California is one of the fifty states of the United States of America, well known for its warm climate. The cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles (including Hollywood) are located there. Marilyn's Uncle Troy is known to live somewhere in California.


Canberra is the capital city of Australia. When Luigi travels to Sydney in Mario is Missing!, he meets a businesswoman who tells him that although Sydney is Australia's oldest and largest city, Canberra is its capital.


Ethiopia (Amharic: ኢትዮጵያ, Ītiyop'iya; Oromo: Itiyoophiyaa; Somali: Itoobiya; Wolayta: Toophphiyaa; Tigrinya: ኢትዮጵያ, Ítiyop'iya; Afar: Itiyoppiya) is a country in Africa. Its capital city is Addis Ababa. It is mentioned in the game Mario is Missing! as one of three countries (the others being Kenya and Tanzania) to be "eagerly excavated" in order to solve the mystery of where human beings first lived.


The Everglades are subtropical wetlands located in Florida, USA. They are mentioned by Donkey Kong in the second song of the Donkey Kong Country episode "Four Weddings and a Coconut".

Hong Kong[edit]

Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港, Xiānggǎng) is a small island and special administrative region of China, located in Asia. In "Mario and the Red Baron Koopa", Sam Shalam claims that one of his so-called "genuine Persian carpets" is in fact manufactured in Hong Kong, implying that it is unauthentic.


Iowa is one of the fifty states of the United States of America. In "Mush-Rumors", when Norman of Kansas and his family are lost in the Mushroom Kingdom, Norman guesses that they might have driven to Iowa.

Kitengela-Athi plains[edit]

The Kitengela-Athi plains are plains in Africa, south of Nairobi. They are mentioned in the game Mario is Missing!, as being part of the Nairobi National Park.

Lake Baikal[edit]

Lake Baikal (Russian: Oзеро Байкал, Ozero Baykal) is a lake in Russia, and the deepest lake in the world. In the Club Mario episode accompanying "The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!", when Dr. Know It All is asked by a fan about the biggest lake in the world, Dr. Know It All responds that while Lake Baikal is only three feet wide, it is the deepest lake and contains the most water.

Lake Turkana[edit]

Lake Turkana is a lake in Kenya, Africa. The human skull from the game Mario is Missing! is found near Lake Turkana, as mentioned in a pamphlet in the game.


Manhattan in the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial

Manhattan is a borough of New York City, United States.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Recycled Koopa", after turning all the citizens of Brooklyn into Koopa Zombies, King Koopa announces that he will soon conquer Manhattan, as well as Queens and the Bronx, with his Crud Cannon.

In Mario is Missing!, the depiction of New York City is based most closely on Manhattan.

In the Super Mario Bros. film, the city of Dinohattan is based on Manhattan.

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the Manhattan skyline appears on a green screen for the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing commercial, with Mario and Luigi wearing capes and "flying" in the foreground.

Manly Beach[edit]

Manly Beach is a popular beach in Sydney, Australia. It is mentioned in a pamphlet about Bondi Beach in the game Mario is Missing!. The pamphlet says "both Manly and Bondi beaches are popular as great surfing beaches," but also suggests that "Bondi is perhaps the better of the two."


Mombasa is, after Nairobi, the second largest city in Kenya. It is mentioned in the game Mario is Missing! by a tourist who traveled from Mombasa to Nairobi.

Mount Everest[edit]

Mount Everest (Simplified Chinese: 珠穆朗玛峰, Zhūmùlǎngmǎ Fēng; Nepali: सगरमाथा, Sagaramāthā; Tibetan: ཇོ་མོ་གླང་མ, Chomolungma) is the tallest mountain on Earth. It is mentioned in the game Mario is Missing! (in which it is referred to as simply Everest) by a tourist who claims to have climbed it as well as Mount Fuji.

Mount Kenya[edit]

Mount Kenya is the tallest mountain in Kenya. It is mentioned in the game Mario is Missing! by a tourist who claims to have climbed Everest and Mount Fuji and now plans to climb Mount Kenya "just to keep [his] reputation up."


Nebraska is one of the fifty states of the United States of America. In "Mush-Rumors", when Norman of Kansas and his family are lost in the Mushroom Kingdom, Norman first guesses they are in Iowa. When he concludes the Mushroom Kingdom is not Iowa, he guesses they instead drove to Nebraska.


The netherworld is a location in many branches of mythology and religion. The netherworld is generally considered to be the place where recently deceased souls depart to in the afterlife. On occasion, the netherworld is associated with Hell, as they both are implied to be located beneath Earth's surface.

In Chapter 3 of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the netherworld is mentioned by a fighter in the Glitz Pit: as Craw-Daddy prepares to fight Mario and his partners, he claims that he will drag them "through the gate to the netherworld." In addition, the netherworld is where the Shadow Queen is banished to after her defeat.


Newark is the largest city in the state of New Jersey, and is located near New York City. In "The Great Hereafter", it is revealed that Grandma Mario was buried in Newark. When Grandma Mario possesses the body of The Old Psychic Lady with the Evil Eye Who Reads Fortunes and Knows Everything Before It Happens, she implies that Newark is not a pleasant place to live in.


Poland (Polish: Polska) is a country in Central Europe. In Mario is Missing!, the capital city, Warsaw, is mentioned on the Globulator.


Queens is a borough of New York City, United States. In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Recycled Koopa", after turning all the citizens of Brooklyn into Koopa Zombies, King Koopa announces that he will soon conquer Queens, as well as Manhattan and the Bronx, with his Crud Cannon. In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Mario and Luigi operate Super Mario Bros. Plumbing in Queens and Brooklyn, as revealed in the business's commercial and website; one of the website's testimonials comes from a customer with the username "princessofQueens".


Russia (Russian: Россия, Rossiya) is the world's largest country, located within both Europe and Asia. Its capital city is Moscow.

In "Plummers Academy", Russia is mentioned when Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the last head of state of the Soviet Union, comes to visit Brooklyn. In "Glasnuts", Mikhail Gorbachev pays a visit to Mario Brothers Plumbing to learn how to make pizza so he can open his own franchise in Russia.

The game Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games takes place in Russia, where the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games were held.


Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Alba) is a country in Europe that makes up part of the United Kingdom. Luigi briefly mentions Scotland during "Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes", when he tries to convince Rowdy Roddy Piper that his broken bagpipes are actually an imported Scottish vacuum cleaner from the fictitious McBronx Vacuum Company.

Soviet Union[edit]

The Soviet Union (Armenian: Խորհրդային Միություն; Azerbaijani: Совет Иттифагы; Belarusian: Савецкі Саюз; Estonian: Nõukogude Liit Georgian: საბჭოთა კავშირი; Kazakh: Советтер Одағы; Kirghiz: Советтер Союзу; Latvian: Padomju Savienība; Lithuanian: Tarybų Sąjunga; Moldavian: Униуня Советикэ; Russian: Советский Союз; Tajik: Иттиҳоди Шӯравӣ; Turkmen: Совет Союзы; Ukrainian: Радянський Союз; Uzbek: Совет Иттифоқи) was a transcontinental country in Eurasia which existed from 1922 to 1991. In Mario is Missing!, the Soviet Union is repeatedly mentioned throughout Luigi's visit to Moscow, the Soviet Union's former capital; it is also mentioned by a boy in Paris, who incorrectly states that its dissolution resulted in France becoming the largest country in Europe (in reality, Russia's European portion and Ukraine are each larger than France[5]).


Spain (Spanish: España) is a country in western Europe. Its capital city, Madrid, appears in Mario is Missing! and Mario Kart Tour. The cities Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia all appear on the Globulator in the former game.


Tanzania is a country in Africa. It is mentioned in the game Mario is Missing! as one of three countries (the others being Kenya and Ethiopia) to be "eagerly excavated" in order to solve the mystery of where human beings first lived.


Thailand (Thai: ประเทศไทย, Pratheṣ̄thịy; international name in Thai: ไทยแลนด์, Thịylænd̒) is a country in south east Asia. Its capital city, Bangkok, serves as the setting of the Bangkok Rush course and the landmark for (and namesake of) the Bangkok Tour in Mario Kart Tour. Bangkok also appears on the Globulator in Mario is Missing!.


Topeka is the capital city of the US state of Kansas. It is briefly mentioned in Leaping Lizards as the city that Mario and Luigi saved from a major pipe clog.


Transylvania, also known as Ardeal (Hungarian: Erdély), is a region in Romania. It is mentioned in "The Mario Monster Mash", in which Dr. Frankenstein comes from Transylvania to Brooklyn under the alias Dr. Frank N. Stein and becomes Mario and Luigi's neighbor. Transylvania itself is shown on one of Frankenstein's moving boxes containing the monster.

In "Count Koopula", a location called Turtlevania appears, whose name is a portmanteau of "Transylvania" and "turtle".


Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, and is the hometown of Norman and his family. In "Mush-Rumors", Norman's wife, after her family is rescued from the Koopas by Mario and Luigi, tells the two plumbers to look them up if they ever come to Wichita.


Woolsthorpe is the birthplace of Isaac Newton, and where he first developed his theories on calculus, optics, and gravity, as mentioned in Mario's Time Machine.

Yankee Stadium[edit]

Yankee Stadium is the home ballpark of the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. In "Glasnuts", Mario and Luigi try to talk Premier Gorbachev into going there to try an all-American hot dog.


Yonkers is a city in the state of New York, which borders the northern end of New York City. Dr. Sigmund Fruitcake hails from Yonkers, as implied by the title of his sole appearance, "Bonkers From Yonkers".


Yugoslavia (Serbo-Croation and Macedonian: Југославија; Slovene: Jugoslavija) is the common name for two different countries which existed in the Balkans region of Europe: the original Yugoslavia, which was founded in 1918 and dissolved in 1992, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which emerged from said dissolution before renaming itself Serbia and Montenegro in 2003, ultimately dissolving in turn in 2006. Belgrade, the capital city of both countries, is listed on the Globulator in Mario is Missing!, with the PC version additionally listing Sarajevo (though by the time of the game's release, its parent state, Bosnia and Herzegovina, had already become an independent country).


Zanzibar is part of the country of Tanzania. When Luigi travels to Nairobi in Mario is Missing!, he does not know where he is; a businesswoman in the city gives him a hint by saying he is "in the largest city between Addis Ababa and Zanzibar."


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