Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes"
Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes
Production number 145
Airdate November 28, 1989
Guest star(s) Roddy Piper
Cartoon episode "Crocodile Mario"
Zelda preview "The Moblins are Revolting"
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"Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes" is the sixty-second live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "Crocodile Mario."

Plot synopsis[edit]

In the kitchen area of Mario Brothers Plumbing, Luigi is frantically searching through some junk, and fails to find what he is looking for. Luigi laments to Mario that the mean wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper will arrive at any moment, and asks for him to lend a hand. Mario approaches Luigi, bringing with him a vacuum cleaner crafted primarily from a bagpipe. Unaware of the vacuum cleaner's appearance, Luigi tells Mario that Rowdy Roddy Piper is coming over to pick up his bagpipes, which he hired Luigi to fix. Mario tries to tell Luigi that plumbers do not fix bagpipes, but Luigi exclaims that did not want to tell that to Rowdy Roddy Piper. As Mario walks up to the door to answer the doorbell, Luigi enquires to him about their new vacuum cleaner, and Mario responds that he put it together from some old junk that was lying around.

Mario opens the door and mistakes Rowdy Roddy Piper for "some hairy lady with a plaid dress." Rowdy Roddy Piper quicky snaps back at Mario, and tells him that what he said was a mistake most people only make once. Rowdy Roddy Piper angrily introduces himself to Mario, and demands to have his bagpipes back. Mario tries to pass off his comment as a joke, and advises Roddy that he should not be wearing a skirt in streets of Brooklyn, only to get hissed at by Roddy. Asking for his bagpipes again, Roddy makes it clear that they were an antique family heirloom.

Just as Luigi realizes that the vacuum cleaner had been made from Roddy's bagpipes, Roddy sees the vacuum for himself and asks if it had been made from his bagpipes. Luigi then makes up a lie about the vacuum cleaner, claiming that it is a Scottish import from the McBronx Vacuum Company, a one-of-a-kind model, and an original. Roddy does not really believe Luigi's McBronx story, and demands for him to turn on the vacuum. Luigi turns on the vacuum cleaner, causing bagpipe music to play, and a puff of dust to blow into Roddy's face. Before Roddy can react, Luigi comments to Mario that they just blew it.

As Roddy washes off his face at the kitchen sink, he asks if bagpipes are ready. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi and rushing to fix the bagpipes, and Luigi asks Mario to buy them some time by turning on some bagpipe music. Mario searches through their tape collection, but since they do not own any bagpipe tapes, he opts to play an opera tape instead. When Mario asks Roddy what he thinks of the music, Roddy laughs, claims that the music is beautiful, and asks for a clean washcloth.

As Mario hands Roddy a new washcloth, Roddy continues to wipe his face, stating that he hates it when people mess him over. While Mario and Luigi continue to work on the bagpipes, Roddy realizes that the new washcloth was filthy, due to the fact that it left skid marks on his face. After Roddy yells at Mario and Luigi, Luigi asks Mario if he thinks Roddy's angry, and Roddy responds with a hiss.

After cleaning off his face, Roddy yells at Mario and Luigi, then tells them to hurry up, as he needs to play the Scottish national anthem at Madison Square Garden for a fight that night, and that he is already late. Mario tells Roddy that if he goes there wearing a skirt, he is going to start a fight, and Roddy hisses back at him. Mario claims that he was only joking, just as Luigi finishes fixing the bagpipes. Roddy points out that his bagpipes are still attached to part of the vacuum cleaner, but Luigi tells him not to worry as he plugs it in, causing the bagpipes to play automatically. Roddy is thrilled that Mario and Luigi fixed up his bagpipes better than before, and shakes them wildly out of joy. Although Roddy tells them that he is happy, Mario and Luigi are still afraid that he is going to hurt them.