All Steamed Up

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This article is about the live-action segment. For the Australian DVD of the same name, see All Steamed Up (DVD).
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"All Steamed Up"
Sgt. Slaughter argues with Luigi over the condition of the Steam-O-Matic.
Sgt. Slaughter argues with Luigi over the condition of the Steam-O-Matic
Production number 102
Airdate September 6, 1989
Guest star(s) Joseph Griffo
Sgt. Slaughter
Cartoon episode "Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid"
Zelda preview "The Ringer"
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"All Steamed Up" is the third live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "Butch Mario & The Luigi Kid."

Plot synopsis[edit]

In Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario and Luigi are in the process of repairing and cleaning a device called the Steam-O-Matic. After a while, Mario and Luigi stop their work of tightening valves; unfortunately, Luigi learns that Mario had been loosening the valves instead of tightening them.

After having Mario start working on the Steam-O-Matic again, Luigi goes to answer the ringing phone. Going over to the phone, which is covered in pizza, Luigi is instructed to press the "third pepperoni to the right". Pressing the pepperoni, Luigi is surprised when the speaker-phone option of the phone activates.

Suddenly, the voice of wrestling legend, Sgt. Slaughter resonates from the phone; hearing Mario refer to him as a bully, Sgt. Slaughter demands Mario and Luigi drop and give him ten push-ups. Ignoring this command, Mario and Luigi hear that Sgt. Slaughter is currently stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, but, with help from his tank, he will be there sooner than planned and tells Mario and Luigi that they better have his Steam-O-Matic repaired by the time he gets there.

Believing the Steam-O-Matic to be fully functional, Luigi goes to check on the pizza he has cooking. As Luigi leaves, Mario, wanting to see if the Steam-O-Matic works properly, gets inside of it. After Mario climbs inside the Steam-O-Matic, Sgt. Slaughter suddenly bursts through the door and, after getting into a small argument with Luigi, decides to inspect his Steam-O-Matic.

Turning on the Steam-O-Matic, Sgt. Slaughter is slightly annoyed by the thumping noise emanating from the device.

Later, Luigi takes his pizza, made from anchovies, grapes and Cheese Whiz, out of the oven and shows it to Sgt. Slaughter, who demands to know what the thumping coming from his Steam-O-Matic is. Thinking the Steam-O-Matic simply needs more steam, Luigi turns a valve on it, but gets into an argument with Sgt. Slaughter, who eventually demands Luigi give him five push-ups.

Later, it seems Sgt. Slaughter has changed his mind and makes Luigi do five-hundred push-ups. After he is done, an exhausted Luigi is informed by Sgt. Slaughter that the Steam-O-Matic is okay, except for the annoying thumping noise, which seems to be getting smaller.

Sgt. Slaughter then tells Luigi to load the Steam-O-Matic onto his tank, which is double-parked on a Chevy. Trying to push the Steam-O-Matic, Luigi finds it surprisingly heavy. Luigi, flustered, is surprised when the doors of the cabinet burst open, revealing Mario, who, due to extreme steam exposure, has shrunken in size and has a different voice. Luigi is left to wonder what he should do with "mini Mario".


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Täysi Höyry Päällä
Full Steam On
Hebrew קיטורי קיטור
Ktvr Ktvr
Steam Steam

Italian A tutto vapore
Full steam ahead
Portuguese Suadouro
Sweating machine