Chippie Chipmunks

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This article is about the live-action segment from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. For the group itself, see List of implied organizations § Chippie Chipmunks.
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Chippie Chipmunks"
Chippie Chipmunks
Production number 144
Airdate November 14, 1989
Guest star(s) Fred Travalena
Title reference None
Cartoon episode "Mario of the Apes"
Zelda preview "Fairies in the Spring"
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"Chippie Chipmunks" is the fifty-second live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Mario of the Apes".

Plot synopsis[edit]

At home in Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario is sitting at the table, brushing a fur cap. Spying on Mario through binoculars, Luigi exclaims that there's a chipmunk in the house, and laughs. Luigi then points out that Mario is in a good mood, and asks as to why he's so excited about the silly Chippie Chipmunk group. The doorbell rings, and Luigi tells Mario to answer it. On his way up the stairs, Mario tells Luigi that the Chippie Chipmunks are not silly, but are instead loyal, kind, do good deeds, and even eat a balanced breakfast.

Upon opening the door, Mario is greeted by a man in a Chippie Chipmunks uniform, and the two greet each other in an unusual chipmunk-like fashion. Mario shakes the man's hand, and introduces him to Luigi as Mr. Gibbel. Luigi welcomes Mr. Gibbel, and questions him as to why he dropped by. Mr. Gibbel explains that while he was looking over his club's records, he discovered that Mario was only five points away from being the Chipmunk of the Month. Mario is excited upon hearing the good news, and Luigi asks Mr. Gibbel as to what Mario needs to do to earn the extra five points. Mr. Gibbel then states that Mario must live one day where he only ever performs Chippie acts of goodness, in which he must be polite, kind and considerate to others.

Mario worries about acting entirely good for a whole day, but Mr. Gibbel reassures him that if he becomes Chipmunk of the Month, he'll get a Secret Chippie Decoder Ring. Mario agrees to give it his best, and Mr. Gibbel wishes him good luck before saying that he'll return the following day, then leaves. Luigi then tells Mario that if being a member of the Chippie Chipmunks requires him to be nice to him for a whole day, that maybe it's not such a silly group after all.

Later, Luigi is sitting on the couch with his feet up, as Mario walks over to him and presents him with a cup of soda. Mario tells Luigi that he's done all the chores, cleaned up the house, fluffed up his pillow, did the dishes, put out the garbage, did the laundry, turned down the radio, and even tuned in the TV. Mario asks Luigi if he can take a rest, and Luigi tells him that there's still one act of goodness he can get in before lunch; a foot massage. Mario is reluctant to massage Luigi's feet, and asks Luigi if he thinks he's his personal servant. Luigi instead tells Mario that he thinks he a Chipmunk who wants to be Munk of the Month, wants a Secret Decoder Ring, and has to do acts of goodness for the entire day. With that said, Luigi orders Mario to massage his feet.

The next day, Mr. Gibbel returns to Mario Brothers Plumbing, where Luigi explains to him that Mario has been working so hard. Mario, who had been preparing a bowl of popcorn for Luigi, tells Mr. Gibbel that he didn't see him come in, and the two of them greet each other with the Chippie Chipmunk greeting. When Mr. Gibbel asks Mario as to how he's doing, Mario exclaims that he's tired, and Luigi backs up his statement by saying that Mario has been fulfilling as many acts of goodness as he possibly can.

Mr. Gibbel then explains that Mario's acts of goodness are part of the reason why he came over. Mario fears that he won't get to be Munk of the Month, but Mr. Gibbel tells him not to worry, and explains that while looking over his record again, he learned that Mario actually had five more points over the amount he needed to qualify for Munk of the Month. Mr. Gibbel bids Mario farewell, and explains that he'll see Mario at the Secret Decoder Ring Award Ceremony the following week.

As Mr. Gibbel leaves, Luigi starts cracking up because Mario did all of his acts of goodness for an award he already won. Mario starts to laugh, and comments that he not only fed Luigi grapes and brought him his newspaper, but that he also massaged his feet. Mario then tells Luigi that he still has one act of goodness left, and tosses the popcorn he made at Luigi's face, only for the two of them to continue laughing.