Little Red Riding Princess

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode
"Little Red Riding Princess"
Little Red Riding Princess
Production number 152
Airdate November 16, 1989 (English)
December 20, 1990 (French)
Writer(s) Jack Olesker
Plumber's Log # 7 - 98
King Koopa's alter ego(s) Gramma (briefly)
Title reference Little Red Riding Hood
Live-action segment "No Way to Treat a Queenie"
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"Little Red Riding Princess" is the forty-fourth episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! This episode is a parody of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Its corresponding live-action segment is "No Way to Treat a Queenie."

This episode is notable for being the last episode to be produced for the series.

Plot synopsis[edit]

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Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad have traveled to Winterland during the winter season to visit Princess Toadstool's sick grandmother. To deal with the cold weather, Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool are wearing earmuffs, a scarf and a red cloak with a hood respectively. However, Mario remarks that King Koopa has his own agenda, which will supposedly provide problems for them down the road.

The group soon arrives at a nearby village in the woods, where Princess Toadstool locates the cottage of Pine the woodcutter. She then comments that her grandmother's cottage is not much further past the village. Despite Princess Toadstool's eagerness to continue, Mario points out that they need to head indoors to warm up by a fire, since the cold air may freeze them. Arriving at Pine's cottage, nobody answers the door after Princess Toadstool knocks on it. Discovering that the door is unlocked, the group enters and discovers that Pine and his family have been encased in shells of ice. Princess Toadstool tells Mario to build a fire, but Mario realizes that there is no firewood available. Toad then grabs an axe and runs outside, hoping to chop some wood himself.

Upon running outside, Mario's group is approached by King Koopa and two Koopa Troopas, all of whom are riding on snowmobiles. After King Koopa rudely greets Mario's group with delight, Princess Toadstool asks him if he was the one who froze Pine's family. Without answering Princess Toadstool's question, King Koopa pulls out a Bob-Omb and tosses it onto the roof of Pine's cottage. Upon blowing up the roof, the snow that was on it piles on top of Mario's group, trapping them. With his enemies trapped, King Koopa announces to his Koopa Troopas that they have more wood to steal and more Mushrooms to freeze, before they ride off on their snowmobiles.

After the Koopas leave, Toad pops out of the snowbank and mentions that since he did not freeze up, he will rescue his friends. Eventually, Toad manages to start a fire inside the cottage and succeeds in unfreezing his friends, along with Pine's family. Able to speak again, Pine explains that King Koopa stole all the villagers' wood, which they needed in order to keep warm. King Koopa's larceny reminds Princess Toadstool about her grandmother's safety, and she sets out to visit her. Mario, Luigi and Toad try to join Princess Toadstool, but she instead tells them to stay behind so that they can chop more wood and thaw out the rest of the villagers. Toad warns Princess Toadstool that the woods are unsafe, as the big bad wolf lives there. Not afraid of any big bad wolf, Princess Toadstool leaves the cottage.

After passing through the village, Princess Toadstool remarks that she needs to gather some wood for her grandmother before she freezes, and gathers several fallen sticks into her picnic basket. As Princess Toadstool continues through the woods, she is unaware of the fact that she is being spied on through a telescope by the big bad wolf. The big bad wolf notes that "Little Red Riding Princess" is on her way to grandmother's house, and intends to beat her there in his plan to eat her.

Meanwhile, King Koopa spots Princess Toadstool walking through the woods, and is upset that she has been defrosted. However, a Koopa Troopa reports to him that Princess Toadstool is alone, without anyone to protect her. King Koopa then states that he just needs to beat Princess Toadstool to Gramma's in order to trap her.

At Gramma's house, Gramma is cooking some soup over the fireplace, when the kindling suddenly burns out. With no fire to keep warm, Gramma starts shivering, and asks herself about what she will do when she runs out of wood. After removing the soup pot from the fireplace, Gramma is distracted by a knock on her heavily locked front door. Gramma asks who it is, and King Koopa answers that it's "Opportunity knocking". Gramma comments that she does not know anyone named Opportunity, and proceeds to unlock the door, while King Koopa pretends to be a good fellow. Upon opening the door, Gramma sees King Koopa, who has dressed up as a messenger and presents her with a telegram. Reading the telegram, Gramma discovers that she has won a year's supply of wood, and merely has to go to town to claim it. King Koopa pressures Gramma into leaving, but she tells him that an elderly woman like herself cannot walk to town in the cold. King Koopa responds by lending her his snowmobile, which she surprisingly knows how to drive, and drives off with.

After Gramma drives off, the big bad wolf reaches her cottage, nearly out of breath. He then sneaks into the cottage through a window, only to discover King Koopa, who is now wearing Gramma's nightgown and is pretending to be asleep in her bed. King Koopa and the big bad wolf startle themselves, and ask each other as to what they are doing at Gramma's house. When they both learn that they are both setting a trap for Princess Toadstool, they snarl at each other, until King Koopa orders several Koopa Troopas to enter the cottage, tie up the big bad wolf, and get rid of him. As the Koopa Troopas carry off the big bad wolf, he tells King Koopa that he is making a big mistake, but King Koopa disregards his comment and climbs back into the bed.

Princess Toadstool soon reaches the cottage and upon knocking on the door, King Koopa tells her to enter. Upon hearing King Koopa's voice, Princess Toadstool assumes that Gramma's voice is off and believes that she is not sounding too good, and enters the cottage. Hiding under the bedsheets, King Koopa pretends to greet Princess Toadstool, who has not figured out who he really is. Princess Toadstool questions what a strange voice "Gramma" has, and he responds with the line "The better to talk to you with, my dear.". Princess Toadstool then questions "Gramma" about her big snout, and King Koopa nearly blows his cover, before answering with "The better to smell the goodies with.". When Princess Toadstool questions Gramma about her big teeth, King Koopa jumps out of bed, and reveals himself to Princess Toadstool, stating that his teeth are better for eating her with.

King Koopa chases Princess Toadstool around the cottage, and she manages to avoid him for a while, until she crawls under the bed, giving King Koopa the chance to grab her as she comes out on the other side. Princess Toadstool scolds King Koopa for breaking into Gramma's house and wearing her clothes, only for King Koopa to admire how the nightgown looks on him in the mirror. Princess Toadstool asks King Koopa how her basket of goodies would look on him, and proceeds to toss it onto his foot, hurting it.

In the village, Gramma has arrived at Pine's cottage, where she is explaining to Pine that her telegram says that she won a year's supply of wood. When Pine tells Gramma that they barely have any wood at all, she asks herself as to who would pull a prank like that on someone like her. Mario, Luigi and Toad then return with some more wood, and answer that King Koopa would, just to lure Gramma out of her cottage. Gramma then realizes that it was so that King Koopa could capture her granddaughter. Mario tells Gramma to stay behind, while they head to her cottage on her snowmobile.

Back at the cottage, King Koopa is still chasing Princess Toadstool around a table, and points out that their chase is going nowhere. Princess Toadstool asks King Koopa if he is giving up, to which he answers that a Koopa does not give up, and instead calls for reinforcements. As King Koopa shouts out the window for a Koopa Pack attack, Princess Toadstool uses the opportunity to escape from the cottage. King Koopa chases her, but she slams the gate in his face to buy herself some time as she runs into the woods.

Princess Toadstool soon comes across the river at a point where stepping stones provide the only way across. Stepping onto one of the stones, Princess Toadstool soon discovers that it's actually the oxygen tank of King Koopa's, who had hidden in the river wearing a wetsuit to ambush her. King Koopa tells Princess Toadstool to surrender, but she instead shoves the mouthpiece of his oxygen tank into his mouth and cranks up a valve, causing his body to inflate and float into the air. As Princess Toadstool runs off, King Koopa pulls the mouthpiece out of his mouth, allowing the excess oxygen to deflate from his body, which in turn causes him to fall down into the snow, ahead of Princess Toadstool.

King Koopa leaps in front of Princess Toadstool and prepares to grab her, when the crack of a plumber's snake and Mario's voice startle him. King Koopa grabs Princess Toadstool, and tells Mario to put his plumber's snake away. Mario instead lassos onto King Koopa's leg with his plumber's snake, and knocks him onto his back. At that moment a trio of Koopa Troopas arrive on snowmobiles, one of which is carrying Gramma, who has been tied up. Princess Toadstool tells King Koopa to let her grandmother go, but he instead grabs her and hitches a ride on one of the snowmobiles as they drive off.

Mario, Luigi and Toad follow the snowmobile tracks to a cave, which Luigi fears might be the cave of the big bad wolf. Entering the cave, the trio discover the three snowmobiles belonging to the Koopa Troopa, which they proceed to hijack and drive further into the icy cave with.

Deep inside the cave, King Koopa has Princess Toadstool and Gramma tied up together in a lair where he has stashed all the stolen firewood. As King Koopa sits down on his throne, a wolf taps his shoulder and growls at him. Several more wolves approach King Koopa, who scare him into giving up his two captives to them, before he retreats out of the cave. Mario then reveals to Princess Toadstool and Gramma that the wolves were merely costumes that he, Luigi and Toad wore to scare King Koopa, and they proceed to take them off and untie the girls. The big bad wolf then picks up the wolf skins, stating that he'll need to send his spare winter coats to the cleaners. Princess Toadstool then tells the Wolf that he is not such a big bad wolf after all. The Wolf states that while he is still big and bad, he does not like having King Koopa invading his territory. Before leaving, the big bad wolf tells Princess Toadstool to ditch her red hood, as it is not safe to wear in the woods.

Later, in the village, the wood has been returned to Pine's cottage, where all the villagers have gone to replenish their supplies. Pine then thanks Mario's group for recovering the stolen wood, stating that it should last the villagers through to the end of winter. Gramma then tells Princess Toadstool that while she enjoyed having her visit, that next time, she should come and visit her instead. Everyone laughs, and Princess Toadstool responds by giving Gramma a kiss.



Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • At the episode's climax, Koopa is threatened by four wolves. After he flees, it is revealed that the wolves are actually Mario, and his friends wearing wolf costumes, with the fourth wolf now missing. It is possible the fourth wolf is the big bad wolf, but drawn without his clothes.
  • When the two wolves behind King Koopa attack, the background is the woods instead of the cave.
  • During the climax, the feet of the wolves at the bottom of the fireplace overlap on top of it.
  • When King Koopa flees, the two wolves behind him are missing.
  • Although Princess Toadstool puts sticks in her basket, none fall out when it breaks when she throws it at King Koopa's foot.
  • When King Koopa confronts Toadstool, his forehead is the same color as his nightcap.
  • When Gramma Toadstool scolds King Koopa, he is wearing his normal outfit instead of his wetsuit.
  • When the Koopa Troopas capture the big bad wolf, the wolf is floating for a few frames.
  • When the Bob-omb explodes, snow falls in front of the woodcutter's house, but in the next shot, it is to the side.
  • When Gramma removes the lock from the door, it passes through its holder.
  • Despite King Koopa disguising his oxygen tank as a rock, it first appears as a normal rock in the river.
    • Throughout the scene, the number of rocks in the river changes several times.
      • The water around King Koopa's oxygen tank is frozen when it is in the river.
  • After the door is blocked by the snow, one of the Koopa Troopas raises its hand for a frame.
  • When the Bob-omb flies through the air, it has white feet instead of the usual black.
  • As Princess Toadstool ducks under the bed to avoid King Koopa, the bed is messy from when Koopa leaped out of it, but when King Koopa apprehends the princess, it is tidy.
  • When Princess Toadstool flees from Gramma's house, her basket disappears.


  • Once Upon a Koopa DVD: Our heroes have come to Winterland so the Princess can visit her grandmother, but Koopa sees her crossing the forest all alone and plays big bad wolf.
  • Netflix: In true big, bad wolf style, Koopa preys on the Princess when the Marios travel to Winterland to visit the Princess's grandmother.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French La Petite Princesse Rouge
The Little Red Princess
German Little Red Riding Princess
Italian Cappuccetto rosso e l'Attila cattivo
Little Red Riding Hood and the [Big] Bad Koopa



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