Game Show Host

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Game Show Host"
Production number 143
Airdate November 7, 1989
Guest star(s) Jim Lange
Cartoon episode "The Great Gold Coin Rush"
Zelda preview "Hitch in the Works"
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"Game Show Host" is the forty-seventh live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "The Great Gold Coin Rush."

Plot synopsis[edit]

Mario and Luigi are watching a game show called "Money for Morons" when the show announces the super jackpot will total 35 cents. After it ends, Luigi turns the television off and reminds Mario that they have to get coal into the furnace before the tenants start to complain. They head over and Mario puts some coal in there, only for it to sneeze and have the dial hit Luigi in the head, which knocks him out. In a panicky tone, Mario tries to get Luigi to get up, and uses a dirty sock to do so successfully.

When Mario tells Luigi that he is glad that he is all right, Luigi responds with a yes and welcomes him to the "show," as well as asking him for his name. When Mario asks Luigi what happened to him, Luigi instead tells him to select "Door #1, 2 or 3." When Mario realizes Luigi believes that he is now a game show host, Luigi tells him that what he just said is "not the correct answer," but also tells him not to worry, because they will "return right after these messages."

Jim Lange arrives, telling Mario he came as soon as he could. When he asked why he was called, Mario tells him that it is about Luigi. After another host-like call from Luigi, Jim is reminded of a contestant he once met. Mario reminds him that he needs help and the contestant is not important right now. When Jim attempts to talk to Luigi, Luigi tells him that he must ring his bell in order to be recognized. After a few more announcements from Luigi, Jim decides that "this is going to be harder than he thought." Luigi responds by saying that that was not the correct answer, but that he wins "the first two hours in February, all meals included." Luigi then tells Jim that he is not a plumber from Brooklyn and that that will cost him five points.

Later, Luigi announces that he can name a tune in five, four, or three notes. The CooKoo Bird tells him that if he named the tune, "then shut up already." Luigi stares at him with a scowl. Mario wonders what he will do with a game show host brother for the rest of his life. Jim tells him not to worry, and that they will figure out how to fix the problem. He starts to reminisce again, but Mario interrupts him and tells him that there is no time. Mario then believes that if he fixed the furnace, then none of this would have happened. This gives Jim an idea. He walks over to Luigi, who asks him if he is ready with his answer. Jim tells Luigi that the Super Duper Jackpot Furnace has burned out.

Not wanting that to happen, Luigi hands the microphone over to Jim, asking him to hold it. When he lights the furnace, it sneezes again, and the dial ejects, knocking Luigi down again. When Mario asks him if he is all right, Luigi shouts out that he smells pizza. Mario happily shouts that Luigi is cured. Luigi thinks that he was smacked by Jim Lange, while Mario shouts that Jim is the greatest game show host in the world. Jim says that he is reminded of a show he used to do, and that they said goodbye in a special way. Together they blow a kiss waving their arms to their right. Jim's hand accidentally whacks Luigi, who is knocked down. When he gets up, he has reverted to the game show host personality, leaving the other two upset after so much trouble trying to get him back to normal again.


  • This segment contains several references to game shows: