Wild Thing

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Wild Thing"
Wild Thing
Production number 155
Airdate September 22, 1989
Guest star(s) Moon Zappa
Title reference "Wild Thing"
Cartoon episode "The White Knight" (The Legend of Zelda)
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"Wild Thing" is the fifteenth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Its corresponding animated episode is "The White Knight" from The Legend of Zelda.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The lights are out at Mario Brothers Plumbing, prompting Luigi to open up the fuse box, where Edison is working inside. Tired of waiting, Luigi asks Edison if he is finished, and Edison assures him that they have got enough power for the entire weekend. With that said, the lights turn on, and Luigi gives Edison his thanks before closing the fuse box. Mario tells Luigi that they can now relax and read the books they got from the library. Mario announces that he is reading "Attack of the Killer Plungers", while Luigi does the same for "My Plumber, Myself".

Just then, a young woman dressed in leather barges through the front door, carrying with her a blaring boombox. Calling Mario and Luigi her "uncs", the woman introduces herself as Marilyn. As Marilyn walks down to Mario and Luigi, Mario comments that he has not seen her since she was smaller, to which Luigi adds much quieter. Marilyn places her boombox on the table and mentions that her mom told her that they would not mind if they stopped by for the weekend. Luigi asks whom "we" referred to, and Marilyn calls up to several of her friends, who enter the basement and begin to dance to Marilyn's music.

Having plugged their ears with napkins, Mario and Luigi are attempting to read their books at the table, despite the partying of Marilyn and her friends. Mario then assembles a hamburger for himself, but cannot find any ketchup on the table, and walks over to the fridge to get some. After getting past two of Marilyn's dancing friends, Mario manages to get some ketchup from the fridge, only for one of the friends to steal his hamburger from the table. Luigi fails to notice this, and is unable to tell a disappointed Mario upon his return as to where the hamburger went.

Marilyn then invites Mario and Luigi to join their party, but Luigi kindly declines. Pulling out their napkins, Luigi tells Mario that Marilyn's party is not his idea of a relaxing weekend, and that Mario should relay his message to her. Mario is worried that he might hurt Marilyn's feelings, and suggests that to Luigi that he should tell her. Luigi decides that they should draw dried spaghetti noodles in lieu of straws, and that whoever gets the short noodle must speak to Marilyn. Picking up three noodles, Luigi breaks them to the same length and then breaks one of them down to a smaller size. Luigi then tells Mario to close his eyes while he mixes the noodles up in his hands, before asking Mario to pick one. Luigi ultimately forces Mario to pick the short noodle, causing him to lose. Mario asks why he always loses, and Luigi suggests that he was born lucky. Luigi then tells Mario that he is kidding and that he loves him.

Mario then approaches Marilyn, but is too nervous to deliver his message. Marilyn asks Mario to speak up, as she and her friends have to get going. Luigi asks Marilyn if she is leaving and she states that the key to successful party going is to always be on the move. Marilyn announces that she and her friends are moving the party to the beach, but Luigi claims that there are no beaches in Brooklyn. Marilyn then tells Luigi of course not. Rather that they are going to be staying with her Uncle Troy in sunny California, and with that said, she and her friends leave.

Mario then tells Luigi that he is strangely going to miss her and those uninvited guests, to which Luigi says "Yeah, well that does sound crazy." as the two of them sit down and prepare to read their books. However, several seconds later, the power goes out, prompting both Mario and Luigi to shout out for Edison.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Wild Thing[1]



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