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So, Cher's Poochie was the last episode to have unique bumpers. And E.C. The Extra Creepy was the first to have generic bumpers. What about Wild Thing? It was between those two episodes and no information on its bumpers. Did it have generic or unique bumpers? And are the bumpers for this episode on DVD? Splouge (talk) 21:16, 14 August 2014 (EDT)

I know this is old, but I'm pretty sure that Wild Thing had the episode-specific bumpers, it's just that no one has found them yet, and they haven't been on any official release, much like "Day of the Orphan", "Slime Busters" and "Magic's Magic". The latter two of those which I found on my personal recorded VHS from 1989, as seen on my YouTube channel. Marioxb (talk) 21:51, 26 August 2017 (EDT)