Day of the Orphan

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Day of the Orphan"
Luigi introducing Patty to Mario in "Day of the Orphan" from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!.
Luigi, introducing "Patty the Sad Eyed Orphan" to Mario
Production number 103
Airdate September 5, 1989
Guest star(s) Danica McKellar
Jim Ward
Karen Hartman
Title reference Day of the Dead
Cartoon episode "King Mario of Cramalot"
Zelda preview "The Ringer"
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"Day of the Orphan" is the second live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "King Mario of Cramalot".

Plot synopsis[edit]

In Mario Brothers Plumbing, Luigi is in the middle of a chess match against Edison, who is standing in a manhole. Eventually Luigi becomes annoyed by Edison, who hasn't moved a piece in a while. Eventually, Edison does make a move, which Luigi believes to be a bad one and counters it. Unfortunately for Luigi, Edison easily puts him in checkmate in his next turn.

As Edison begins to gloat about his victory, the apartment doorbell suddenly rings; Mario, who is too busy eating, simply gets Luigi to go and answer the door, much to Luigi's annoyance. Answering the door, Luigi is surprised to see a girl there; asking who she is, Luigi gets the response that she is an orphan whose name is Patty. Hearing Patty's claim of being an orphan Luigi, who feels sorry for her, lets her in and introduces her to Mario.

Asking Patty where she is from, Mario gets the response from Patty that she is been living on the streets for months, with nowhere to go. Feeling sorry for Patty, Mario and Luigi decide to throw her a party after learning it is her birthday. Hearing Mario and Luigi will throw her a party, Patty begins demanding to have various, expensive things at the party, leaving Mario and Luigi somewhat nervous as to how they can afford the things Patty wants.

As Mario and Luigi begin to set up Patty's party, Patty herself simply watches television while eating. Having eaten all her popcorn, Patty tells Mario she will lose her temper if she does not get more. As Luigi begins to become annoyed with Patty, the doorbell suddenly rings.

Rushing to the door, Patty answers it and is surprised to find her mother and father there; quickly closing the door, Patty rushes back to the apartment. Opening the door, Luigi learns from Patty's parents that she is a chronic liar and troublemaker. Calling Patty out telling her to get to her parents immediately, Patty's parents tell her she is grounded and to apologize to Mario and Luigi. Accepting Patty's apology, Mario and Luigi decide to throw a party for her and her parents, as the decorations are already up.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Orpolapsi Orphan
Hebrew יום היתום
Vm Htvm
Day of the Orphan
Italian L'orfanella The little Orphan
Portuguese A Festa de Aniversário The Birthday Party


  • For unknown reasons (likely due to DiC's master copy of the original version of the episode having gone missing), all DVD/digital and streaming releases of this episode and "King Mario of Cramalot" use the slowed-down Family Channel version of the episode. However, the original version of both this episode (minus the preview for The Legend of Zelda episode "The Ringer") and its accompanying animated segment were made available on VHS, as well as on the PAL DVDs.
  • At the very end of the episode, when Mario, Luigi and Patty tell the viewer to "Do the Mario", Someone out of nowhere says "Ta" quietly at the very ending of the part.