Pizza Crush

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment
"Pizza Crush"
Pizza Crush
Production number 163
Airdate November 17, 1989
Guest star(s) Eve Plumb
Title reference None
Cartoon episode None
Zelda preview Fairies in the Spring
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"Pizza Crush" is the fifty-fifth live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. Its corresponding animated episode is "Fairies in the Spring" from The Legend of Zelda.

Plot synopsis[edit]

At home inside Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario is dancing to the Mario Rap, while munching on a slice of pizza. At that moment, the doorbell rings and the CooKoo Bird announces the arrival of an incoming babe. The visitor turns out to be a pizza delivery girl, who joyfully runs down the stairs and presents Mario with a pizza. Happy to see Mario, the girl tells him that she loves a man who can eat his weight in pizza, to which he is thankful. The girl then leaves, telling Mario that she will be back later.

As the girl leaves, Luigi enters the basement through the side door, and asks Mario as to who the girl was. Mario explains that she is Jodie, the new delivery girl from the pizzeria, and that he'd better cut it out. Luigi asks as to what Mario's talking about, and Mario tells Luigi to stop ordering pizzas for him, as he has trouble deciding on whether he should take another bite. Luigi tells him to stop, because he didn't order him any pizza. Puzzled, Mario directs Luigi's attention over to several stacks of pizza boxes, and ponders over who could have ordered all of them.

Sitting down at the table, Mario takes another bite of pizza, while Luigi figures that someone is probably playing a practical joke on them. Mario agrees, and attempts to continue eating, until Luigi pulls Mario's slice out of his hands. Luigi asks Mario as to how they'll pay the seemingly massive bill that the pizzas account for, and demands that Mario refuse the next pizza that Jodie brings him.

The CooKoo bird announces Jodie's return, and she enters, graciously presenting yet another pizza to Mario. Before Mario can say anything, Jodie goes back up the stairs, announcing that she'll return. The CooKoo Bird then wishes that he was a plumber, as Jodie and Mario blow kisses at each other. As Jodie leaves, Mario turns to see Luigi glaring at him, and questions his presence. Luigi mocks Jodie's affection for Mario, and blows several fake kisses at him. He then stops Mario from eating any more pizza.

Luigi then gives Mario a huge stack of pizza boxes to carry, ranting about how Mario doesn't listen to his advice. He then leads Mario over to the garbage bin, where Mario tosses all of the boxes. However, one box falls on the floor, prompting Luigi to pick it up and remind Mario that neatness counts. Mario writes it off as an accident, but Luigi is still upset that he doesn't listen. Mario asks Luigi why he doesn't believe Jodie's idea that he is cute. Luigi tells Mario that he does think he is cute, but that he does not believe who is going to pay for all the pizza.

At that moment, Mario announces that he has a plan, just as Jodie enters with another pizza. As Mario accepts the pizza, he tells Jodie that Luigi is curious as to why she keeps giving him free pizza. Jodie tells him it's because she thinks he is awfully cute, proving Mario's point to Luigi. Under his breath, Luigi mentions that Mario is "four-hundred pounds of cute". Luigi then asks Jodie as to who is going to pay for all the pizza, and she assures him that they are free, due to the fact that the pizzeria hired a new chef who has been experimenting with weird ingredients on pizzas. Jodie explains that her boss told the chef to throw the pizzas out, but she instead decided to bring them over to Mario as an excuse to see him, since he will eat anything.

Jodie then tells Mario and Luigi that she has to leave, and does as Luigi says goodbye to her. Meanwhile, Mario opens the pizza box he just received, pulls out a slice, sniffs it and takes a bite. He then asks Luigi if he is interested in having a piece of peppermint pizza. Luigi tells Mario to forget about the peppermint pizza, and asks him to find out if Jodie has a sister that delivers. Laughing at Luigi's comment, Mario elbows his brother. Luigi then laughs as Mario hands him a slice of peppermint pizza, but Luigi drops it, stating that he hates peppermint.


  • This segment is one of the five live-action episodes included on Shout! Factory's The Legend of Zelda DVD set.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Pizza Crush[2]


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