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Species Human
First appearance "Pizza Crush"
Portrayed by Eve Plumb

Jodie is a pizza delivery worker for an unnamed pizzeria in Brooklyn, presumably near Mario Brothers Plumbing. She has a hopeless crush on Mario. She appears in the live-action The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! segment "Pizza Crush".


Jodie is hired as a pizza delivery worker at a pizzeria that Mario frequently orders pizza from and soon finds herself making routine deliveries to Mario himself. At some point, she develops a crush on Mario.

Meanwhile, Jodie's pizzeria hires a new chef who experiments with various bizarre pizza toppings. Although Jodie's boss wants the pizzas to be thrown out, Jodie decides to bring them to Mario as an excuse to keep seeing him, knowing that Mario would eat anything.

Luigi is oblivious to Jodie's previous deliveries, as Mario never mentions her to him, until he eventually sees her delivering another pizza to Mario, showing her affection in the process. After making yet another delivery to Mario, Jodie and Mario blow kisses at each other. Luigi sees this and mocks Mario after Jodie's departure.

When Jodie returns with her next pizza, Mario questions her as to why she keeps bringing him pizza, and she tells him that it is because she thinks he is cute. Luigi then asks Jodie as to who would be paying for all the pizzas and she assures them that they were free. She then explains the backstory behind the pizzas and how they all use experimental toppings, which she figures Mario would be willing to eat. Jodie then leaves Mario Brothers Plumbing, leaving Mario with a brand new peppermint pizza.