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Cybele the Sorceress is a sorceress in Mario and the Incredible Rescue. She is an old woman with glittering green eyes, living in a cottage in a forest she appears to own. She owned The Book of Spells, which Bowser stole during the events of the book. When she first meets Mario and Luigi, she tells the brothers that they have to give her something so that she may help them. Luigi hands her a coin that he found in the Kero Sewers. Then, she helps Mario and him in saving the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach from Bowser by telling the brothers how to stop Bowser and his spells: The brothers must gather six mushrooms scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom.

Cybele gives Mario a blue pouch to carry the mushrooms he collects during his adventure, and an envelope she tells him not to open unless there is no hope left. Later on, the pouch turns out to be a letter that tells Mario that the six mushrooms have special powers, and it helps him in his fight against Bowser. It is presumed that Mario returns Cybele's book after he gets it, though the book ends with Mario retrieving it and Cybele smiling far away in her forest in acknowledgement.