Sammy Rai

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Sammy Rai from WarioWare: Touched!
Sammy Rai
“This week's highlight artist is singing sensation Sammy Rai!”
Ken the VJ, WarioWare: Touched!

Sammy Rai is a large man in a samurai costume who appears only in WarioWare: Touched!. A singer of traditional Japanese ballads, Sammy Rai sings in front of a background with an ocean and several birds. He appears in the Mona stage where he is announced in the opening cutscene the week's highlight sensation on the music countdown show Ear Candy by Ken the VJ. His music can also be heard when Mike and Dr. Crygor have a karaoke duet in Mike's epilogue cutscene. Sammy Rai's name is a pun on the word "samurai".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese えんか さわるタマのすけ
Enka Sawaru Tamanosuke
Enka Touching Tamanosuke
French Sam Ouraï Pun on "samouraï" (samurai) with male name "Sam"
Italian Sammy Rai -
Korean 바다 사나이
Bada Sanai
Spanish Sam Urai Pun on "samurai" with male name "Sam"