Dr. Payne's Dental Clinic

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Dr. Payne's Dental Clinic

Dr. Payne's Dental Clinic is a location featured in WarioWare: Touched!. When Wario gets cavities from eating too much sweets, he hops onto his bike and heads to there. The clinic is run by Dr. Payne, a doctor who cleans up Wario's teeth, and he warns Wario to not go after any more sweets after Wario is healed. Wario then deliberately breaks the warning, gets cavities from eating pie at The Sweet Spot, and leaps back to the dental clinic, where Dr. Payne knew he would come back.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 童大夫诊所
Tóng Dàifu Zhěnsuǒ
Dr. Tóng Clinic. The sign reads 童大夫牙科诊所 Tóng Dàifu Yákē Zhěnsuǒ, "Dr. Tóng Dental Clinic".