Sewer Guru

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Sewer Guru
The Sewer Guru
“Excuse me, sir! Did you drop these things? Or was it this fancy one?”
Sewer Guru, WarioWare: Touched!

The Sewer Guru is an old angel that lives in the sewers of Diamond City. He appears in WarioWare: Touched!. In the intro, Wario drops the loot he stole, a Game Boy Advance and a Game Boy Advance SP, into an open manhole by tripping. The Sewer Guru flies up from there, and asks Wario whether he dropped the two GBAs or a two-screened, button-less apparatus, which Wario had never seen before. He replies "Gimme all of 'em!" and lunges at the Sewer Guru. He ends up with the unknown apparatus. Wario does not know how to play it and thinks it is bogus. While shaking it angrily, the apparatus drops a small stick. Playing the games by using the stick on the lower screen makes it work, letting Wario think to create a WarioWare game for this apparatus, making "double the money for the two screens."

The Sewer Guru also appears in Wario-Man's ending. When Wario-Man tries to stop a train, fails, and flies off, Wario-Man falls in the same manhole as the two Game Boys after Rocky the Reporter speaks about the sales of Wario's new WarioWare game. Wario-Man seems to turn back into Wario, and Wario jumps out the manhole. The Sewer Guru flies up again, infuriated. It turns out that Wario had fallen on the Sewer Guru. The guru strikes a very surprised Wario with his wand. Wario turns into a Flat Wario-like form, and the Sewer Guru smiles.

This character is presumably a reference to Aesop's fable The Honest Woodcutter. In the fable, a woodcutter accidentally drops his axe in a river, and the god Hermes rises from the water. He offers the woodcutter superior axes, asking if they were the one he dropped, but the woodcutter refuses to accept any until his original axe is offered. Impressed at his honesty, Hermes gives all of the axes to the woodcutter as a reward. Later, another man who heard of this story dropped his own axe in the river but, not being as honest, immediately requested the golden axe when it was offered and ended up with nothing.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かみさま
Chinese (Simplified) 神仙
French Gourou des égouts Sewer guru
Italian Guru -
Spanish Gurù Guru