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Species Human
First appearance "Cyrano de Mario"
Portrayed by Vanna White

Roxanne is a beautiful woman whom Mario was once friends with. On one night fifteen years ago, Mario made a promise to Roxanne that he would sell her plumbing supplies at wholesale prices, but Mario partially forgot about this incident, and thought that he had instead promised to marry her one day. Roxanne is currently married to another man, whom she has had five children with. Roxanne was played by Vanna White, the co-host of Wheel of Fortune.


Mario receives a letter from Roxanne in the mail one day, which reads: Dear Mario: You may not remember me, but once we were sweethearts. Although it was many years ago, I still remember the promise you made me. I'll be in Brooklyn Tuesday. All my love, Roxanne.

Mario just so happens to receive the letter on Tuesday, and has little time to prepare for Roxanne's arrival at Mario Brothers Plumbing. When Roxanne enters, she greets Mario and reminds him that it had been such a long time since the two of them were last together. Roxanne asks Mario where Luigi is, and he tells her that he is not around, as he is sick. Roxanne tells Mario that she hopes Luigi would get better, and asks if he got her letter, to which Mario complies.

Roxanne tells Mario that she often thinks about what he said to her all those years ago, and is pleased to hear that Mario had still agreed to keep his promise. Quickly catching on to the fact that Mario is starting to get his advice from Luigi, who is hiding in a trash bin, Roxanne pretends to not notice, and plays along to hear what Luigi, posing as Mario, had to say. As Mario expresses his love to Roxanne, he accidentally misinterprets one of Luigi's lines, which confuses her.

Roxanne then tells Mario that although she appreciated his sweetness, it has nothing to do with what she came to Mario Brothers Plumbing for; buying a bathtub at wholesale price. Mario then surprises Roxanne, telling her that he is relieved she did not ask him to marry her. Roxanne explained that Mario is mistaken, and told him that his promise to her was that he would sell her plumbing supplies at wholesale prices, and not that he would marry her. Roxanne then explains to Mario that she is already happily married to another man with five kids.

Mario agrees to sell a bathtub to Roxanne, and she tells him that she would return the following week to pick one out. She gives Mario a hug, as he kisses her cheek, then says goodbye to both him and Luigi, and begin to leave. As she did, Luigi pops out of the trash bin to say goodbye, only to realize that he blew his cover. Mario tells Luigi that Roxanne knew about him the whole time, and Luigi states that he was aware of that, as only an intelligent woman would turn Mario down.