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King James
King James
“My Flab boys are gonna free me from this place!”
King James, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

King James is the funky ruler of the city of Rap Land. He is based on the late James Brown.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Bad Rap", King James is taken hostage in his own castle by Rappin' Koopa. Rappin' Koopa places King James onto a giant turntable, where he will inevitably get stabbed with the giant record needle that goes along with it. However, King James is confident that the Flab Boys will rescue him and soon learns that Rappin' Koopa found them, along with Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad as they approach the castle.

King James soon meets up with Princess Toadstool, who has unfortunately been captured by Rappin' Koopa. Rappin' Koopa turns on the record player, and leaves the King and Princess alone as the needle slowly lowers towards them. Thankfully, Toad manages to sneak in and turn off the record player, saving them.

After meeting up with the Mario Bros., King James declares that the only way to stop Rappin' Koopa is to shut off his power by pulling the Royal Plug of Rap Land's power supply. Mario eventually succeeds in pulling the enormous plug.

To counter Rappin' Koopa's attack, King James assists Princess Toadstool in blowing up several Albatosses with exploding records (see Stereo Gun). Due to the Albatosses disappearance, the others are able to take out Rappin' Koopa and his Koopa Troopas, freeing Rap Land from their reign.

When the Koopas flee from Rap Land, King James and the Flab Boys dance to the Mario Rap. Honoring Mario, King James gives him a special crown and declares him number one in a rapping duel.