Tony (NES Open Tournament Golf)

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Tony from NES Open Tournament Golf.
Tony as he appears in NES Open Tournament Golf
Species Human
First appearance NES Open Tournament Golf (1991)
In game appearance

Tony is a non-playable human character in NES Open Tournament Golf. He is a semi-professional ranked golfer and is the second hardest character to beat after Billy. He wears an orange striped shirt with orange pants and black shoes, and he has orange hair. The player can play against Tony in match play.

Tony's official artwork depicts him wearing an orange, collared shirt and matching pants. On top of his shirt is a red and white striped sweater vest. His hair is given a more orange shade in his artwork than how it appears in the game, and his eyes are shown to be blue.

Tony appears in the 13th volume of the Super Mario manga. He loves to flaunt his wealth to Peach and Daisy. After the tournament, he tries to propose to them but is humiliated when both reveal themselves as princesses making him thus far out of their league.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トニー