United Kingdom

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Hole 6 of the United Kingdom course in Mario Open Golf

The United Kingdom (UK for short) is a country in Western Europe. It is a close ally of the United States of America. It appears in NES Open Tournament Golf along with Japan, the United States of America, France (in the Japanese version), and Australia (in the Japanese version). Like all golf courses, it has 18 holes. The UK is the largest of all five courses and has more obstacles. The background music played sounds like bagpipes being blown. Its capital is London, which Luigi visits in Mario is Missing! and where the 2012 Olympic Games were hosted.

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イギリス
Spanish Reino Unido / Gran Bretaña
French Royaume-Uni
Dutch Verenigd Koninkrijk
German Vereinigtes Königreich
Italian Regno Unito
Portuguese Reino Unido
Russian Великобритания
Korean 잉글랜드
Chinese 聯合王國 (Traditional)
联合王国 (Simplified)
Liánhé Rángguó
Romanian Regatul Unit