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The Kenyatta International Conference Center in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
The Kenyatta International Conference Center in the DOS version
“Named for Jomo Kenyatta, a freedom fighter, the Kenyatta International Conference Center is the most famous city landmark. It stands 27 stories high and is topped by a revolving restaurant. Its architecture is interesting because it combines a modern skyscraper with the look of a native hut.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Kenyatta International Conference Center (currently the Kenyatta International Convention Centre), more often called the Kenyatta Conference Center in-game, is an office building intended for conference meetings in Nairobi. It is named after Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya (and not a "freedom fighter" as the game claims). It is also one of the landmarks that Luigi visits solely in the DOS and Deluxe versions of Mario is Missing!, replacing the Maasai village in the NES and SNES versions. He visits it because it has been attacked by Koopa Troopas, who have stolen the menu to the building's revolving restaurant (even though it shut down in the 1980's[1]), causing the entire complex to be shut down. Luigi reopens the building by tracking down the menu from a Koopa Troopa, grabbing it back, and returning it to its rightful place through the information booth (although the booth's clerk asks Luigi to prove that the menu is genuine by answering some questions, seen below).

  • The Kenyatta Center is named for Jomo Kenyatta, a:
    • famous clown
    • freedom fighter
    • Nairobian king
    • soccer player
  • The Kenyatta Conference Center was designed to look like both a skyscraper and a:
    • condominium
    • native hut
    • circus tent
    • pyramid
  • The Kenyatta Conference Center was once:
    • a UN headquarters
    • a museum
    • the home of the Kenyan president
    • next to Lake Turkana


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