Unter der Linden Street

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“Unter der Linden (Under the Linden Trees) is a very wide and beautiful boulevard, almost like a small park. It is also a very long street, cutting across the entire city from Marx-Engelz Platz to the Brandenburg Gate. In the 1600, The Elector, Frederick III, rode his horses up the boulevard on his way to the hunt. The Elector ordered six rows of linden trees to be planted along the boulevard. Unfortunately, the trees were cut down for firewood during World War II. The Berliners missed them and replanted the trees in 1946.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing! (PC)

Unter den Linden, mistakenly referred to in-game as Unter der Linden Street, is a landmark exclusive to the PC version of Mario is Missing!. It is a boulevard in central Berlin. Prior to the events of the game, a Koopa Troopa steals a park bench, forcing the entire street to close down until Luigi returns the park bench. However, in order to prove the park bench's authenticity, he must answer two of the following trivia questions:

  • What did The Elector use the street for?
    • Jogging
    • Horseback riding
    • Racing
  • What kind of trees give the street its name?
    • Linden trees
    • Nut trees
    • Pear trees