Brass Plaque

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Brass Plaque
The Brass Plaque in the SNES release of Mario is Missing!
The Brass Plaque in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The Brass Plaque is an item in Mario is Missing! It is the inscription facing the Acropolis on Hadrian's Arch (although despite what its images depict, it is carved directly onto the monument and not on a separate plaque[1]). It is stolen by some Koopa Troopas when they invade Athens; this causes the arch to close down. The Plaque is later retrieved by Luigi after he takes it from a Koopa Troopa walking around the city, which is then shown to various Athenian citizens. Everyone tells him various facts about Hadrian's Arch, such as how it separated Athens and Hadrianopolis (although no actual proof of two divided cities has been found[2]). Eventually, Luigi gathers enough information that he is able to return the Plaque to the Arch's information booth, and is rewarded $1350


  • Boy: "His arch divided the city into two. Greeks got one of those plaques and the Romans did too."
  • Tourist: "That plaque says, "This is Athens". Its twin says what that one doesn't."
  • Reporter: "Take a cab to Hadrian's Arch and put the plaque back, Jack."
  • Scientist: "That bronze is from the gate built in 131 AD to divide Athens from Hadrianopolis."
  • Policewoman: "That's a plaque from the west side of Hadrian's Gate. Perhaps your brother is stuck in Hadrianopolis!"


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