Sugar Loaf Mountain cable car

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Sugar Loaf Mountain cable car
Sugar Loaf Mountain cable car in Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The Sugar Loaf Mountain cable car is an item in the SNES and PC versions of Mario is Missing!. It is found in the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. When Koopa Troopas stole the cable car from the mountain, it was unable to operate and forced to close until Luigi retrieved the cable car and proved its authenticity by answering trivia questions.


  • Boy: "Sugar Loaf rises 1300 meters over Guanabara Bay. If you don't replace that we'll have to walk the whole way."
  • Tourist: "San Francisco doesn't seem quite so far, when I look at that cable car."
  • Reporter: "The little car goes halfway to the stars and its view of Rio is the best, by far."
  • Scientist: "Sugar Loaf mountain is so steep, the ride up its side is accomplished in two stages."
  • Policewoman: "Sweet of you, super sleuth, to find the cable car that climbs Sugar Loaf Mountain."