Amsterdam Diamond Center

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The Amsterdam Diamond Center is a location in Amsterdam where diamonds are handled and stored. In Mario is Missing!, Luigi visits the Amsterdam Diamond Center to return a diamond after Koopas steal it while invading Amsterdam. Luigi receives $3250 for returning the diamond.

Pamphlet description[edit]

Amsterdam is the capital of the worldwide diamond-cutting trade. The industry moved to Amsterdam from Brussels. The jewelers fled Brussels because of religious persecution. In 1586 interest in diamonds rose steadily, then declined. But with the discovery that South African mines were full of the precious stone, the diamond has remained the world's most popular gem. The largest diamond ever found, the 3,000 carat Star of Africa, was cut in Amsterdam.


When Luigi returns the diamond, he must answer the following questions to prove that the diamond is genuine. The correct answer for each question is bolded.

  • The largest diamond ever found was a:
    • 3100-carat Delight of Diamond Heights
    • 3000-carat Star of Africa
    • 13-carat Big Guy from Amsterdam
  • Before Amsterdam, most diamonds were cut in:
    • New York
    • a small garage in Sweden
    • Brussels
    • South Africa