Guinness Brewery

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“Guinness is the largest stout brewery in Europe. Stout is another name for dark porter, a kind of beer. Guinness produces more than 4 million pints of stout a day! Located in the center of Dublin on Thomas Street, the factory is one of Dublin's largest employers. The brewery produces Ireland's most famous export, Guinness Stout. The label on each bottle of Guinness shows the Irish Harp.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Guinness Brewery, also known as St. James's Gate Brewery, is a brewery in Dublin that produces Draught Guinness, a dry stout. It appears in the PC version of Mario is Missing! as a landmark. In the game, Koopa Troopas have stolen a beer label from the brewery, forcing it to close until Luigi returns the label. However, in order to prove the label's authenticity, Luigi must first answer two of the following trivia questions:

  • Stout is another name for:
    • milk
    • dark porter
    • Dublin cola
    • harp
  • The Guinness Brewery is on:
    • Thomas Street
    • Guinness Street
    • O'Farrell Street
    • Brewery Way