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The Foustanella in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The Foustanella (also spelled fustanella) is an item solely in the DOS and PC releases of Mario is Missing!. It is an article of clothing worn by the guards of the Presidential Palace that resembles a skirt. It is stolen by some Koopa Troopas, apparently while it was being used by a guard, which causes the palace to shut down. It is later taken back by Luigi from a Koopa Troopa, but as he does not recognize it, he shows it to random people within Athens. Everyone recognizes where it belongs and provides Luigi with additional information, such as how they use 25 yards of cotton to make one (it is actually over 30 meters, around 33 yards[1]). Luigi eventually brings it to the palace's information booth and is given $2250 as a reward.


  • Boy: "The Scots wear those and call them kilts. Evzones are soldiers to the hilt."
  • Tourist: "I was near the Palace and a guard near the place was looking for his skirt."
  • Business Woman: "An Evzone is a soldier. And without that he's much colder."
  • Scientist: "Foustanella is part of the elite soldier's costume. Those 400 pleats use 25 yards of cotton."
  • Police Officer: "A soldier guards the Palace wearing national costume,[sic] I'll tell ya. That's his foustanella."


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