Kabuki Theater

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“Kabuki is a highly stylized and formal type of Japanese theater. It was started as a dance form in 1603 by a female temple servant. The present form of theater prohibits women from participating and as a result, men take all the parts, portraying women by the use of masks and makeup. The plays are performed to the accompaniment of traditional music, especially that of the samisen. The Kabuki plays are presented on revolving stages, with scene and costume changes taking place in front of the viewers.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!
Kabuki Theatre from Mario is Missing! on PC.
The Kabuki Theater

A particular Kabuki Theater in Tokyo, Japan appears as a landmark in the PC version of Mario is Missing!. In the game, a Koopa Troopa steals a mask from the Kabuki Theater, forcing its information booth to close until Luigi returns it. However, to prove the mask's authenticity, he must first correctly answer two of the following questions:

  • What is the Kabuki mask made of?
    • tin
    • plaster
    • wood
    • plastic
  • Kabuki prohibits ___ from participating.
    • women
    • servants
    • men
    • viewers