Mosque of Mohammed Ali

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Luigi's photograph of the Mosque of Mohammed Ali
Luigi's photograph of the Mosque of Mohammed Ali in Mario is Missing!

The Mosque of Mohammed Ali (Arabic: مسجد محمد علي, Masjid Muhamad Ealiin; Turkish: Mehmet Ali Paşa Camii) is a mosque in Cairo, Egypt. It makes a few appearances in Super Mario media.


Mario is Missing![edit]

The mosque is visited by Luigi during the events of the PC, SNES, and NES versions of Mario is Missing! A Gingerbread Clock was stolen from the mosque, and the plumber has to return it. He is rewarded a prize of 1,400 dollars.

Contrary to the mosque's in-game pamphlet information, it was completed in 1848 rather than 1430.

Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

An edited photograph of the real-life mosque is used in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS as part of the skybox of Wet-Dry World, alongside a row of buildings from Shibam Hadramawt, Yemen.[1]

Pamphlet Information from Mario is Missing![edit]

The Mohammed Ali Mosque was built by a sultan in 1430[sic] using the Turkish style of the Ottoman Empire. Its nickname, The Alabaster Mosque, comes from the valuable white stone that covers the temple's facade. The clock tower on the courtyard's western side was a gift to the sultan by King Louis Philip of France in return for the stone obelisk, which now stands in front of France's Place de la Concorde. Egyptian sultans lived in the mosque until 1517. It is now used only for prayer.