Bolshoi Ballet slipper

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Bolshoi Ballet slipper
The Bolshoi Ballet Slipper in Mario is Missing! (NES)
The Bolshoi Ballet Slipper in Mario is Missing! (SNES)
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1993)

The Bolshoi Ballet slipper (actually a pair of slippers) is an item in the SNES and NES releases of Mario is Missing!. They are a part of the ballet shoes used by the Bolshoi Ballet. Though its item name indicate a single slipper, its image and various dialogue about the shoes indicate that the item is a pair of slippers. They are stolen from the Bolshoi Theater by a bunch of Koopa Troopas invading the city of Moscow; this causes the entire theater to be shut down. Luigi later takes them back from the Koopa Troopa that was holding onto them, and as he does not know where they belong, he shows them to various citizens throughout the city. Everyone recognizes it as belonging specifically to the Bolshoi troupe, with the police officer in particular telling Luigi to return them before their show begins. Luigi eventually learns enough to bring them to the Bolshoi Theater's information booth, reopening the building and being awarded $1500. This slipper appears in place of the Bolshoi Ballet Tutu from the PC versions.


  • Boy: "The ballerinas cannot rest 'till you give them that so they can dress."
  • Tourist: "Here's a ticket to the Bolshoi Theater. It's silly but return that so the ballerinas can slip into their uniforms."
  • Business Woman: "The Bolshoi Theater sells out every show. If you put those on you could dance there too."
  • Scientist: "The Bolshoi Ballet was founded in 1776. The Bolshoi ballerinas usually wear those with their tutus."
  • Police Officer: "Leapin' leotards! Those slippers are missing from the Bolshoi Ballet. Hope you make curtain time."