Column from the Pantheon

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Column from the Pantheon
The Column in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The column from the Pantheon is an item in the PC version of Mario is Missing!. It is one of the pillars that holds up the Pantheon in Rome. A Koopa Troopa detaches it from its proper place and carries it around after a group of them are sent to attack Rome. Luigi then takes it from that Koopa Troopa and carries it around himself, showing it off to the people that he meets. All of them recognize it and give miscellaneous factoids about it, such as how this column is one of the eight that stands at the front of the Pantheon. Eventually, Luigi learns enough knowledge to return the Column to the Pantheon's information booth, therefore allowing it to be reopened.


  • Boy: "Cool, one of those 8 Greek columns from the porch. And this isn’t even Greece!"
  • Tourist: "What ruins? That pillar survived eons in one place."
  • Business Woman: "That column deserves a column in Architectural Digest. There are seven more, too."
  • Scientist: "That's part of the Pantheon, built in AD 126 to honor Roman gods of mythology."
  • Police Officer: "The Pantheon is an ancient site, and that column belongs beneath the ancient porch light."