Angel of Independence

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Luigi's photograph of the Angel of Independence
Luigi's photograph of the Angel of Independence
“The Zona Rosa, or Pink Zone, is at the exact heart of Mexico City's old district. In the Plaza de la Reforma, in the center of the Zone, sits the Angel of Independence. The Angel is a 150-foot golden cherub built to honor the heroes of the Mexican Revolution. Even the city's natives use the beautiful angel as a geographic landmark.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing! (PC)

The Angel of Independence, formally known as Monumento a la Independencia ("Monument to Independence"), is a column in downtown Mexico City, visited by Luigi during the events of the PC, SNES, and NES versions of Mario is Missing! It was built to honor those who fought for the Mexican Independence. The titular Angel on top of the column was stolen by Koopa Troopas, causing the column to close to visitors. Luigi's task was to find and return it, for which he was rewarded 1,500 dollars plus a bonus of 2,400 dollars.

Item information[edit]

  • Boy: "Even the locals use the 150-foot cherub as a landmark. Be an angel and return it."
  • Tourist: "I sat in the Zona Rosa to eat my tacos and I leaned against that angel."
  • Reporter: "She is supposed to face Juarez Avenue. Only you and a miracle can get it back there."
  • Scientist: "The angle is that the angel was built to honor revolutionary heroes."
  • Policewoman: "The Reforma looks deformed without the Angel of Independence. Feel free to replace it."


Luigi must prove the angel's authenticity by answering two of the following trivia questions:

  • The Zona Rosa is Spanish for ____ zone.
    • no parking
    • pink
    • rosebuds
  • The Angel faces:
    • Juarez Avenue
    • Columbus Circle
    • Zocalo Blvd


  • The game incorrectly states the Angel was built to honor the heroes of the Revolution.