Top of the Transamerica Pyramid

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Top of the Transamerica Pyramid
Top of the Transamerica Pyramid MIMNES.png
Top of the Transamerica Pyramid MIMSNES.png
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First appearance

Mario is Missing! (1992)

The Top of the Transamerica Pyramid is an item in every version of Mario is Missing!. As its name suggests, it is the pointed spire atop the Transamerica Pyramid. It is taken from its rightful place after a group of Koopa Troopas invade San Francisco, causing the building to be shut down. It is later taken by Luigi from a Koopa Troopa while he is in the city, and he then shows it to the city's citizens so that they can help him identify it. Everyone tells him that the item in his possession should be returned to the pyramid. He promptly does so through the Transamerica Pyramid's information booth, receiving $1600 for his efforts.


  • Boy: "I guess some downtown hound knocked the block off the Transamerica Pyramid."
  • Tourist: "That's from that building where they write insurance policies. I hope Mario's insurance is paid up!"
  • Reporter: "Although the observation deck is oddly not at the top of the Pyramid Building, that thing should be."
  • Scientist: "That was placed atop the most distinct building in downtown San Francisco in 1972, the year the Pyramid was completed."
  • Policewoman: "Even if it is earthquake proof, getting that top back on the Transamerica Pyramid might shake you up a bit."


  • The reporter's comment about the observation deck was correct at the time of the game's release, but has since become incorrect: it was on the 27th floor (the building has 48 stories), but it was closed to the public sometime in 2001.[1]


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