Toronto City Hall

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“An international competition was held to design Toronto's new City Hall. A Finnish architect came up with the winning design, and the resulting three-sectioned building was completed in 1965. The building looks like two curved towers sheltering a flying saucer-shaped structure. This middle section houses the Council Chambers. A golden maple leaf, a symbol taken from Canada's flag, hangs in the chamber. The nation's flag, was also adopting in 1965.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Toronto City Hall is the seat of the municipal government in Toronto, Canada. It appears as a landmark in the PC versions of Mario is Missing!, wherein it is said to have a golden maple leaf hanging in its council chambers. This is not true in real life. Prior to the events of the game, a Koopa Troopa steals the maple leaf from the chambers, forcing City Hall's information booth to shut down until Luigi returns the leaf.

  • Where does the Golden Maple Leaf hang in City Hall?
    • In the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey team locker room
    • In the City Hall forest
    • In the Council Chambers
  • Who designed Toronto City Hall?
    • Canadian children
    • A Finnish architect
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Monty Hall