Gate of Heavenly Peace

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Gate of Heavenly Peace
The Gate of Heavenly Peace in Mario is Missing! (NES)
The Gate of Heavenly Peace in Mario is Missing! (SNES)
The Gate of Heavenly Peace in Mario is Missing! (DOS)
First appearance Mario is Missing! (1992)

The Gate of Heavenly Peace is an item in the PC, SNES, and NES versions of Mario is Missing!. It is the entryway to the Imperial City and the Forbidden City of Beijing, separating it from Tiananmen Square. A group of Koopa Troopas steal it in its entirety while they are storming Beijing, and Luigi takes it back after grabbing it from the single Koopa Troopa that was carrying it around. He then shows it to Beijing's inhabitants and asks them questions about it, with all of them telling him what it is while providing additional facts, such as how it was "built in the 4th century" (which is completely false[1]). Eventually, Luigi learns enough to return the gate to its proper place through the Forbidden City's information booth, receiving a cash reward of $1750, as well as a bonus of $2800 if the gate is returned before the other stolen items.


  • Boy: "It's the great gate to the Emperor's house in Forbidden City, built by Yung Le."
  • Tourist: "The Emperor had a bad temper and only he could pass through that gate."
  • Reporter: "The Emperor's guards stood under that to keep everyone else out!"
  • Scientist: "This heavenly gate was built in the 4th century by Emperor Yung Le."
  • Police Officer: "That's the Gate of Heavenly Peace. Put it back on Tian An Men square."


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