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The Cable Car in the DOS release of Mario is Missing!
The Cable Car in the DOS version
“The beloved cable cars first rolled up San Francisco's Clay Street in 1873. Attached to a cable that runs beneath the street, the six ton car travels at a steady rate of 9 miles per hour. The cars are controlled by a gripsman who mechanically releases the cable to slow it down and grips it to accelerate. Riding the cable cars is often breathtaking because of San Francisco's many steep hills. At present there are 37 cars on three separate lines, covering 17 miles of tracks.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Cable Car is one of the vehicles of the cable car system in San Francisco. It is also featured exclusively in the DOS and Deluxe versions of Mario is Missing! (alongside Alcatraz) as one of the landmarks that gets raided by Koopa Troopas, replacing the NES and SNES versions' Coit Tower. Luigi is tasked with returning the stolen Cable Car Bell, and promptly does so after getting it back from a Koopa Troopa. He also demonstrates that the bell is legitimate by answering some questions (listed below).

  • The first cable cars ran up which street?
    • Clay Street
    • Trolley Alley
    • Union Square
    • Market Street
  • The person who "drives" the cable car is known as the:
    • cable captain
    • bellboy
    • gripsman
    • pilot
  • In 1964, the Cable Cars:
    • became a National Historic Landmark
    • won the San Francisco Marathon
    • were outfitted with new engines


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