Pyramid of the Sun

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“25 miles north of Mexico's capital city is Teotihuacan. Here an amazing Aztec Pyramid rises 230 feet into the sky. The Pyramid of the Sun is the oldest and largest of the archeological wonders in this "City of the Gods" The Pyramid was constructed in about 100 BC over a sacred cave and honors ancient Aztec gods. Situated on the Avenue of the Dead, the Pyramid of the Sun mirrors its smaller twin, the Pyramid of the Moon.”
Pamphlet, Mario is Missing!

The Pyramid of the Sun is an ancient pyramid that appears in the PC version of Mario is Missing!. Although it is in Teotihuacan, which its pamphlet acknowledges, its information booth is located in Mexico City. During the events of the game, its top is stolen by Koopa Troopas, and Luigi must track it down and return it to the information booth.


  • Contrary to what the pamphlet says, the Pyramid of the Sun was not built by the ancient Aztecs, but instead was discovered by them, having been built by an even more ancient people. An in-game scientist actually acknowledges this, saying the top of the Pyramid "was already 500 years old when it was uncovered by the Aztecs".
  • Although the pamphlet says it was constructed in 100 BC, it is actually believed to have been constructed in approximately 200 AD.[1]


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