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ExCeL London as the venue for Wrestling- Freestyle

ExCeL London (also referred to as the wrestling venue) is an exhibition centre in London that appears in both versions of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. In the Wii version, ExCeL London appears as the venue for the Table Tennis - Singles and Fencing - Epée Events, and while not named specifically, it also appears as the venue for the Table Tennis (Doubles), Fencing - Epée, Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Wrestling - Freestyle and Weightlifting events.

In the Nintendo 3DS version's story mode, ExCeL London appears as the location for two of the episodes. The first episode it features in is The Banana Incident, in which Donkey Kong defeats an out-of-control Omega, who is later discovered by Tails and Espio to have had a chip installed by Dr. Eggman that caused him to rampage. The venue is mentioned in Bowser's Blues as the next venue that Bowser and Goomba plan to visit. In The Life of a Minion, Magikoopa, Lakitu and Dry Bones prepare for Bowser's arrival with Magikoopa transforming Lakitu and Dry Bones into Charmy and Espio respectively to trick Vector and Knuckles into facing Bowser in an event. Vector and Knuckles are stunned by a Piranha Plant and a Chain Chomp and are defeated by Bowser, who then leaves with Goomba.