An Old Urn

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An Old Urn
Wario gives Dr. Eggman the fog urn while Metal Sonic, Orbot and Cubot watch
Episode number Tricksters Bonus 2
Entry characters Tricksters
Plot To further test Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman agrees to a high-stakes match with Wario. Who will win?!
Location Big Ben
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An Old Urn (also referred to as Tricksters Bonus 2 and Tricksters +2) is the second Tricksters bonus episode in the Story Mode of the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The episode is unlocked after completing Dr. Eggman's Robots, and unlocks The Fog Returns once it is completed.


Wario is out walking by Big Ben when he is approached by Orbot and Cubot, who introduce themselves and ask him to compete with Metal Sonic. Orbot tries to convince Wario to compete by offering to help him win the title of Superstar from Mario. Wario is not interested in the offer, but instead offers to take Metal Sonic on if Orbot and Cubot will come and work for him if he wins. Dr. Eggman arrives with Metal Sonic and agrees on Wario's terms, though requires Wario to give him in something in return if Metal Sonic wins. Wario agrees and challenges Metal Sonic to an Olympic Event.

Metal Sonic beats Wario, and Dr. Eggman asks Wario for his end of the deal. Wario pulls out the Fog urn, which he claims is magic and that he bought it from a witch for a high price, though when questioned by Orbot and Cubot, reveals that he actually got it from an antique shop that did claim it was magic. Dr. Eggman recognizes it as the fog urn and accepts it, and Wario heads off. Dr. Eggman then has Metal Sonic bring the urn back with him to perform some tests on it.


Challenge Character(s) Opponent(s) Event(s) Gameplay Differences
1 2 3 4 5
1 Metal Sonic Wario 100m Breaststroke Handball Badminton (Singles) - - Only one opponent is faced in this event, Handball serves as a bonus event for the medley.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Een oude urn An old urn
French Une ancienne urne An ancient urn
German Eine alte Urne An old urn
Italian Una vecchia urna An old urn
Spanish Una Urna Antigua An Ancient Urn