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Mario Brothers Plumbing
First appearance "Neatness Counts"
Latest appearance "The Ghoul of My Dreams"
Greater location Brooklyn
Inhabitants Humans

Flatbush is a community in the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City. Despite Brooklyn being mentioned in the various TV shows, books and in the film, Flatbush was only ever mentioned on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and occasionally in issues of Nintendo Comics System. During return trips to Brooklyn, it is unknown if the neighborhood of Flatbush is actually visited or not.

Flatbush is the neighborhood where Mario and Luigi grew up and is also where they set up Mario Brothers Plumbing. As such, all the live-action segments take place in Flatbush. A famous street in Flatbush is the eponymous named Flatbush Avenue. Under the orders of Mama Mario, Mario once "washed [the street] as far as Flatbush Avenue."

In "Flatbush Koopa", King Koopa, after forcing the Koopa Pack to disband in the Mushroom Kingdom, attempted to take over all of Brooklyn. Upon seeing Mario and Luigi, he threatened to flatten them worse than he was going to flatten Flatbush. However, his takeover was ultimately foiled.

In the comic "Beauty and the Beach", it is shown that a yacht owned by Mario is named The Spirit of Flatbush.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 弗拉特布什[citation needed]
Russian Флэтбуш[citation needed]