Beauty and the Beach

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The cover art of Beauty and the Beach

Beauty and the Beach is the first Mario comic published in the Nintendo Comics System. Its title is a pun on Beauty and the Beast.


Mario, Princess Toadstool and Toad are sailing on the sea. The Princess sarcastically asks Mario if "his three hour tours usually last two days" and Toad is extremely seasick. It is shown on a map that they have been looping in erratic directions, and Peach decides to ask some nearby Trouters for directions. However, she makes the mistake of calling them "fishy fishies", and the Trouters, insulted, begin to destroy the boat.

Fortunately, they wash up onto an island, and a surfer Mushroom, named "Moonfungie" (a pun on Moondoggie) greets them. He shows them where they can change, but tells them they need to follow the Boss's dress code. Toad, noticing a statue of King Koopa on the edge of the beach, asks just who this "Boss" is, but Moonfungie doesn't seem to care. Up at the shacks, there are more Koopa statues, as well as several dolls, posters, and t-shirts. In spite of this, Mario is trying to figure out who the "Boss" might be as he changes his clothes.

After dressing up (the Princess in a one-piece bathing suit, Mario in a red-striped suit, and Toad in a comical pair of trunks that are bigger than he is), Moonfungie tells them they need to get to work. At that moment, a stream of more surfer Mushrooms race by them, all carrying bombs. Mario inquires of one of them why they are toting explosives, and finds that they want to make the volcano at the center of the island hotter, the reason being that it will scare away the same fish that chomped on Mario, Peach, and Toad's boat, since the fish also have an appetite for surfboards.

A page from the comic, as King Koopa reveals his plan

It turns out that their "Boss" was the one who started the idea, and at that second, who should appear but the "Boss" himself is really King Koopa, who is clad in a purple Hawaiian shirt and a flower garland (which he then throws away because "[he] hates anything that's louder than [he is]"), under the alias of "Ka-Hoopa". He makes no move to make trouble for Mario and company, and even discloses his plan, to turn all the native Toads into Fryguys by blasting the volcano. He then goes off on his way, telling them that the volcano will erupt in five minutes.

The Princess decides to make a pipe system to cool off the volcano, but Mario is skeptical, asking why they should help them, as they got themselves into this. Princess Toadstool answers "because we're nice people, and that's what nice people do!", Mario moans "I hate it when she makes sense!", but still participates in the plan. Four minutes later, they have made a huge pipe system out of hollow bamboo, and Bowser is out on the sea, wondering how to attack with his Fryguy army, when he notices the good guys' plan. The plan works, and the volcano is stifled. The Mushrooms apologize for what they did, and Princess Toadstool asks what they've learned. They answer that they've learned that there are things more important in life than surfing, telling them that "Jacuzzis are more important!", Mario asks the Princess how it feels to be a "good guy" as the comic ends with a Game Over.