Duh Stoopid Bomb!

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Duh Stoopid Bomb!
Duh Stoopid Bomb!

Duh Stoopid Bomb! was an issue of Valiant's Super Mario Bros. series of comics.


Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and King Toadstool discuss various matters in the castle war room; the King thinks the Princess's mention of "dark days" means that lighting bills are going up. Suddenly, Wooster arrives and declares that they have new information from the F.B.I. (Fungus Bureau of Investigation). Luigi suspects it must be a message from Toad, who Princess Toadstool reveals had previously been sent to infiltrate King Bowser Koopa's headquarters.

The scene then cuts to Bowser's throne room, where Toad, disguised as a Shyguy, delivers Koopa-Kola to Bowser, who angrily gripes that he brought him the wrong brand. Bowser, Fryguy and a Snifit then listen to a presentation from a red-robed Snifit; Toad decides to eavesdrop as the Snifit explains that the Stupid Bomb is ready, claiming that it can make anyone "reaaaaally stupid for hours". At this point, Toad's cover is blown by Bowser; while trying to escape the castle, Toad asks the Snifit to give him the Stupid Bomb, and the Snifit naively complies. Bowser then mistakes the Shyguy costume for an actual Shyguy, which allows Toad to escape Bowser's throne room safely.

Back in the war room, as the group debates whether to launch an attack on Bowser, Toad bursts into the room and accidentally trips, dropping the Stupid Bomb and causing it to explode. The bomb's gas envelops everyone present and makes them incredibly dumb, except for the already-stupid King Toadstool. The newly "dope-ified" Mario and Luigi then gain permission from King Toadstool to go out and take on Bowser's army single-handedly. As the Mario Bros. then jump out of the war room window, they wonder why people call King Toadstool dumb, prompting the insulted King to ask who those people are; Wooster quips that he would make a list if he remembered how.

As the Mario Bros. head out in search of the Mask Gate to "World 2-1", Mario and Luigi each make an effort to remember one of the two numbers. Back at Bowser's Castle, a Snifit tries to ready his Shyguy army for combat by giving them Stupid Bombs, saying the bombs are perfectly safe as long as they aren't dropped. The Snifit promptly hears an "uh-oh!", followed by a Stupid Bomb being dropped and detonated, dousing everyone present in its intelligence-lowering gas. As the Snifit and the Shyguys begin to party, Mario and Luigi appear in the room; the Snifit mistakes them for party guests, and gives them half-a-dozen Stupid Bombs as presents. The brothers thank the Snifit and walk away, with some of the bombs exploding on them soon after.

Later, as the Snifit reports to Bowser, the Koopa King is initially furious at the waste of weapons, but his anger turns to glee upon realizing that the stupified Mario and Luigi might set off all the bombs they managed to take back to Mushroom Land, rendering most of the population idiotic. Bowser then leads the Snifit to another area, where he reveals the "Smart Bombs", which he plans to use in order to counteract the Stupid Bombs and make the Shyguy troops smart again. The curious Snifit grabs a Smart Bomb which suddenly explodes in his hands, and becomes super-intelligent, complete with an Oxford cap; the Snifit then immediately usurps Bowser from his position as king by springing one of the Koopa King's own trap doors on him, dumping Bowser into the Fryguy Kindergarten where he is subsequently crowded by several overly-enthusiastic Fryguys.

While the Snifit proceeds to figure out his next course of action, back in the Mushroom Kingdom war room the effects of the Stupid Bomb are beginning to wear off; Princess Peach exclaims that she is slowly feeling brighter, and King Toadstool thinks this means that light bills are lowering. As Toad, Princess Toadstool and Wooster compile a list of people who think King Toadstool is stupid, Mario and Luigi burst into the room with their remaining Stupid Bombs. Wooster immediately warns the two to be careful, but the bombs explode before they can do anything, and render the entire group stupid again. The last panels of the comic show the Koopa Kingdom, where the genius Snifit tries to re-train the Shyguys, who ignore him and decide to slam multiple Stupid Bombs together to see how big an explosion they can make.