Duh Stoopid Bomb!

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Duh Stoopid Bomb!

Duh Stoopid Bomb! was an issue of Valiant's Super Mario Bros. series of comics.


While Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and King Toadstool (who thinks the Princess's mention of "dark days" means that lighting bills are going up) discuss various matters in the castle war room, Wooster says that new information has been received from the F.B.I. (Fungus Bureau of Investigation). Luigi points out that it must be a message from Toad, who Princess Toadstool says had infiltrated King Bowser Koopa's headquarters.

At Bowser's throne room, Toad, disguised as a Shyguy, listens in on a presentation, attended by Bowser, Fryguy and a Snifit, after delivering Bowser's Koopa-Kola, which was the wrong brand, much to Bowser's frustration. Toad learns from the presenter, a red robed Snifit, that a Stupid Bomb is ready and that the device will make anyone "reaaaaally stupid for hours".

After the Snifit presents the Stupid Bomb, Toad is discovered to be a spy accidentally by Bowser. Running from Bowser, Toad asks the Snifit to give him the Stupid Bomb; the Snifit naively does so. Toad manages to escape Bowser's throne room when Bowser, for some odd reason, thinks that the Shyguy costume left behind by Toad is an actual Shyguy.

Back in the war room, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Wooster are debating as to whether attack Bowser when Toad bursts into the room. Unfortunately, Toad accidentally trips and drops the Stupid Bomb, causing it to explode.

Doused in the gas of the Stupid Bomb, everyone present, except King Toadstool, is instantly made dumber. A dopey Mario and Luigi, gaining permission from King Toadstool, decide to go out and attack Bowser's army single-handedly. Mario and Luigi then jump out the war room window and head toward a nearby Mask Gate in order to get to "World 2-1".

Meanwhile, a Snifit is currently preparing his Shyguy army for combat by giving them Stupid Bombs, saying the bombs are perfectly safe, as long as they aren't dropped; soon after saying this, the Snifit hears an unnerving "uh-oh!" from the crowd of Shyguys. Before anything can be done, a dropped Stupid Bomb explodes, dousing everyone present in its intelligence-lowering gas.

As the recently-made-stupid Shyguys begin to party, Mario and Luigi appear. The Snifit, mistaking Mario and Luigi for party guests, gives them half-a-dozen Stupid Bombs as presents. Thanking the Snifit, Mario and Luigi walk away, and suddenly the bombs explode.

Later, the Snifit is reporting what happened to Bowser, who is at first angered but then happy, saying that the stupified Mario and Luigi are probably going to set-off all the bombs they managed to take back to Mushroom Land, making most of the population idiotic. Bowser then proceeds to show the Snifit his "Smart Bombs", which will counteract the effects of the Stupid Bombs, making all the Shyguys smart again. The Snifit, curious, grabs a Smart Bomb, which suddenly explodes in the Snifit's hands, making him very super-intelligent (it also inexplicably gives him a hat).

The Snifit proceeds to usurp Bowser of his kingship and dump him into the Fryguy Kindergarten, where Bowser is subsequently crowded by several overly-enthusiastic Fryguys. The Snifit proceeds to to try and think of what he should do next.

At the Mushroom Kingdom war room, the effects of the Stupid Bomb are beginning to wear off; Toad, Princess Toadstool and Wooster are making a list of people who think King Toadstool (who believes that Peach's use of the expression "I'm feeling brighter" means lighting bills are lowering) is stupid. As Wooster writes, Mario and Luigi burst into the room with their Stupid Bombs. Wooster then warns Mario and Luigi to be careful of the Stupid Bombs, but they suddenly explode, apparently making everyone dumb in its stupifying gas once again. The narrator wonders if this means that the Mushroom Kingdom is doomed.

And then he answers his question with "Nah," as back at the Koopa Kingdom, the Snifit is attempting to train the Shyguys, but the Shyguys, still plagued by the effects of the Stupid Bombs, simply ignore him and decide to do an experiment: slamming multiple Stupid Bombs together to see how big an explosion they can make.


  • On Wooster's list of people who think King Toadstool is dumb, the names Link, Donkey Kong, Mother Brain, Little Mac, Princess Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Dirk Drain-Head, Nestor, and Wart can be seen.
  • A Goomba and multiple Toads appear on the cover of Duh Stoopid Bomb!, though no actually appear in the story itself, and Wooster and Toad are the only toads to appear.
  • On the cover, King Toadstool has a sign saying "KICK ME" on his back.