Bowser Knows Best

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Bowser Knows Best
Bowser Knows Best

Bowser Knows Best is an issue of the Super Mario comic series published by the Nintendo Comics System.


The story opens with the Koopalings gathered around, discussing Father's Day and what to get for their father, Bowser Koopa. Roy Koopa suggests an act of violence in Bowser's name, which gives Wendy O. Koopa an idea -- kidnapping Princess Toadstool (though Roy meant something more along the lines of roughing up his pet bunny, Pookie).

Meanwhile, the Princess is baking a cake for Mushroom King. Mario and Toad lead the Castle's cook, Chef Spore out of the kitchen. Princess Peach brings her cake out, only to be attacked by the Koopa Kids. They bring her back to Bowser, who is delighted to have her as a present. As the kids bring her to a jail cell, she tricks them into thinking it is "Buy Your Children's Affections Day" and they let her leave to spite their father. Bowser is furious at his children (except Lemmy Koopa, as he's a "blithering idiot"). He scolds Morton Koopa Jr. and sends him and the others off to recapture the Princess. They find her and ride Bullet Bills to her, but she escapes through a warp pipe. They give chase, but are ambushed by Mario, Luigi, and the castle guards.

Princess Toadstool tells her father that the Koopa Kids are her present to him. As punishment to the Koopa Kids, she sends them back to Bowser. However, to spare the Koopa Kids from Bowser's wrath, she declares "Be Kind To Turtle Kid Day" as a new holiday for that day.