Magic Carpet Madness

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Magic Carpet Madness cover
Magic Carpet Madness

Magic Carpet Madness is an issue of the Super Mario Bros. comic series published by the Nintendo Comics System.


A sample page of the issue

As King Toadstool is watering his plants, the phone rings, forcing the King to go into the castle to answer it. It turns out to be Bowser playing a prank, and the King immediately hangs up. Princess Toadstool comes in and shrieks, noticing the mud the King has trampled all over the rugs. Later, the carpet cleaners, really a trio of Pidgits, arrive and start cleaning up the floors. However, the carpets begin to fly, as Bowser laced it with Flying Carpet Juice. Princess Toadstool hovers above Mario and Luigi, and eventually goes so high, she is up in the clouds. The Pidgits appear and begin to hypnotize her.

Mario and Luigi, who are getting attacked by a carpet, swallow it up with a vacuum cleaner. They go out to the garden, where the King is oblivious to his daughter's missing status. Suddenly, Princess Toadstool appears, complete with a punk outfit and flies around Mario, Luigi, and the King. Mario realizes the Pidgits are controlling her, but does not know how to stop them. Princess flies around, crashing into a blimp (containing Bowser), and eventually slams into a beanstalk, which had started to grow as Mario had unknowingly sat on a sack of fertilizer, causing it to spill out onto the bean seeds. She falls to the ground, but is saved by King Toadstool and his plants. She comes to her senses and thanks her father, saying he could trample mud in the house anytime he wanted.