Kaboomka Fireworks Factory

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A chaotic scene depicting the destruction of Kaboomka Fireworks Factory

Kaboomka Fireworks Factory is an organization seen very briefly in Valiant's Super Mario Bros. comics. More specifically, it was seen only in Fryguy High Yearbook -- Activity Page!. The Fryguy students of Fryguy High have taken a field trip to Kaboomka Fireworks Factory. Presumably, the fiery bodies of the Fryguys lit the fireworks, resulting in the confused explosion of the factory.

The "Kaboomka" part of the Kaboomka Fireworks Factory's name is very similar to the name of the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island enemy Kaboomba, who appeared later. The naming similarities are most likely coincidental, though, and both the word "Kaboomka" and Kaboombas are named after the phrase "Ka-boom!", onomatopoeia for an explosion.