Fryguy High Yearbook -- Activity Page!

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Fryguy High Yearbook -- Activity Page!
Fryguy High Yearbook -- Activity Page!

Fryguy High Yearbook -- Activity Page! is a one-page comic created by Nintendo Comics System; as the name would imply, the comic features a slightly charred yearbook belonging to a Fryguy from his days in high school.

Plot synopsis[edit]

On a page of Fryguy's half-eaten/burned yearbook are various pictures of his days in Fryguy High, apparently a high school for Fryguys.

The first image shows that Fryguy High had a baseball team that almost always won, as the balls they threw had a habit of melting the opposing team's baseball bats.

Another photo shows that Fryguy, due to attending Fryguy High, was able to go on the "Royal Koopa Family Cook-out", where he was apparently used as the fire for Bowser and the Koopalings' hot dog roast.

The next snapshot shows that the students once went on a field trip to the "Kaboomka Fireworks Factory". Unfortunately, the trip ended in disaster when it became engulfed in flames and exploded.

The next picture has several Fryguys sitting outside Fryguy High's principal's office. The caption says that a few "bad apples" were caught smoking in the washroom, though these "rule-breakers" claimed they couldn't help it.

The final panel shows that Fryguy High, unsurprisingly, had burned down and was once planned for reconstruction, though this was canceled and the building was left as a smoldering pile of rubble.

Alongside this final image is a note from the school's librarian, Miss Perkins, claiming that Mongo Fryguy still owes the school 52,000 books, which he presumably ate/burned.


  • The upper-left caption redundantly refers to the Briquettes as Fryguy High's "base-baseball team", repeating "base" as a result of the word wrapping around to the left of the page.
  • Lemmy Koopa lacks a visible nose in the upper-right image.
  • In the upper-right caption, the second "ha" in "Ha, Ha!!!" is unnecessarily capitalized.
  • The "neither" in the middle caption's "...and Neither will they!!!" is similarly unnecessarily capitalized.
  • The caption of the bottom-left image makes a grammatical error by saying that "A few bad apples is ruining it for the whole school..." Since the subject of the sentence is multiple Fryguys, rather than one, the correct grammar would be "A few bad apples are ruining it..."
  • Due to it being phrased as a question, the first sentence in the bottom-right caption should end with a question mark, rather than the exclamation points used. Additionally, the "alma" in "Alma mater" and "me" in "Not Me!!!!!!" are unnecessarily capitalized.