Koopa's Believe It or Else!

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Koopa's Believe It or Else!

First appearing in Issue #1 of the Nintendo Comics System, Koopa's Believe It Or Else! is a parody of Ripley's Believe It or Not! that reveals some allegedly true facts about several key figures in Mushroom Land.

The "Believe It Or Else!" Facts[edit]

  • "In Lizard Language, 'Koopa' means 'thing of beauty.'"
  • "In Brooklyn, stuffed mushroom caps are a great delicacy. Strangely enough, in Mushroom Land, stuffed plumber's caps are a favorite hors d'oeuvre!"
  • "The King of Mushroomland has over 2,000,000 crowns in his collection... but only one pair of socks!"
  • "On April 9th last year, a plumber actually made a house call. (The local natives appreciated it very much.)"