Sacred Cylinder of Cheese

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King Toadstool presents the Sacred Cylinder of Cheese to a rather unexcited Mario in the Super Mario Bros. comic "A Mouser in the Houser".
Mushroom King presents Mario (making a dismayed remark) with the Sacred Cylinder of Cheese

The Sacred Cylinder of Cheese, also known disparagingly as just a Cheese Log, appears in the Super Mario Bros. comic "A Mouser in the Houser". Although the Mushroom King values the Sacred Cylinder of Cheese, most people, including Mario and Princess Toadstool, dismiss it, finding it stupid and pointless. According to that comic, the Mushroom King regularly gives the Sacred Cylinder to an unnamed ambassador on certain formal meetings each time they happen.

In "A Mouser in the Houser", the Mushroom King trusted Mario, who was traveling to the organization alongside Princess Toadstool, to deliver the Sacred Cylinder of Cheese to the ambassador on the event described in the comic. The Princess and Mario decide to use Transport Tubes to travel to the meeting, although Mouser's tampering has made the Transport Tube system unreliable. After some stumbling around, Mario and Princess Toadstool are lost on an enormous castle. Toadstool, angry at Mario for his accidental spilling of cheese on her dress, kicks him off the castle's tower.

Although Toadstool continues on an adventure of her own and learns that the Mousers have no leaders and they dislike cheese, Mario continues to possess the Sacred Cylinder of Cheese. As he waits for rescue and searches for an escape, Mario makes sure that the Sacred Cylinder of Cheese is in good condition, although he is not fond of it.

Eventually, Toadstool, refusing all offers to become queen of the Mousers, decides to rescue Mario and save both him and the Sacred Cylinder of Cheese. She manages to find him and the cheese bestowed upon him, an angry Mouser who still wished to call Princess Toadstool his queen has followed her. The Princess, who has lost respect for her father's tube of cheese throws the Sacred Cylinder of Cheese at the Mouser, who, disdainfully recalling all the cheese he collected on his birthdays, anniversaries, his graduation in 1973, and the Groundhog Day of 1981, retreats. In the end, the Mushroom King blames Mario for the loss of his Sacred Cylinder of Cheese, although it is then revealed that even the ambassador despises the Cheese Log as most others did.